Christmas Party "Let’s Warm the Hearts!" at "Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara"

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27 December 2017
Photo donation: Davis Ulands (Dāvis Ūlands), F64

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Christmas is a time of wonder and "Palīdzē" Christmas party has already become a tradition. The event is anticipated and organised with special care and inspiration.

This year almost 100 children from different municipalities in Latvia, who have received various types of support from us in the course of the year, gathered on the premises of our friends "Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara" hotel to be merry, dance, sing, engage in creative activities, receive presents and enjoy a festive meal :).

The event began with a heart-warming story about Bethlehem conjured up using light and sand by Sand Cinema. After the animated story each child could create his or her own drawing in sand – a sand animation. Even parents were carried away by the activity, so exciting it was!:) . In the meantime another group made small snowmen to invoke winter. The gnome girls from "Jogitas pasākumi" made sparkling glitter tattoos.

The creative activities were followed by a musical performance of the vocal group "Imera". The voices of young people sounded like bells slaking the thirst of many a soul of a child and a parent alike.

Everyone could have photos of him- or herself taken during the event in a FOBO photo booth. This was one of the most fun activities during the event — the beautiful photographs as well as getting ready for posing for them, joint photos, laughter and the surprise at the end result :).

There is nothing quite like meeting real fairy tale heroes at a party for children! The squirrel, the bear, the elven girl, gnomes and Santa Claus himself! The time flew in games. One of the most anticipated activities was receiving presents from Santa Claus, who was in attendance in person!

A party without a festive meal is no party. "Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara" hotel had prepared a lavish meal and special treats.

Letters of thanks from children and parents are still coming in, saying the party was superb and a real FEAST! We are happy that we were able to organise such a joyful event for the children and their parents, giving them strength to cope with any challenges in the next year.

We extend our gratitude to everyone, who helped to organise the event!

Our greatest thanks go to "Park inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara" hotel and Alise Zindiga (Alise Žindiga) personally, as well as to the Rezidor Hotel Group hotels in Riga for the opportunity to use their premises, the tasty meal and presents!

We extend our thanks to "FOBO" photo booth!

Thanks to the vocal group "Imera" and Aleksandrs Tugusevs (Aleksandrs Tuguševs) for their support and beautiful songs!

Thanks to SIA (limited liability company) "Afruits" for fruits!

Thanks to SIA "Gemoss" for nuts and lemonade!

"Riga Taxi Park" for the transport!

Thanks to "Jogitas pasākumi" for bringing fun activities to the party!

Thanks to our dear volunteers: Dace (Dace), Karina (Karīna), Inga (Inga), Madara (Madara), Monta (Monta), Roberts (Roberts), Janis (Jānis), Klinta (Klinta) and Viviana (Viviāna)!

Thanks to the photographer Davis Ulands and F64 Photo Agency!

Thanks to the Sand Cinema!

Thanks to Riga City Council Welfare Department, SIA "Inter Tax", SIA "People Fitness Management", Elina Daugule (Elīna Daugule), Maksims Timofijcuks (Maksims Timofijčuks), Aigars Rozentals (Aigars Rozentāls), Ilva Utane (Ilva Utāne), Anna Kose (Anna Kose), Raivis Taurins (Raivis Tauriņš), Alisa Krivosejeva (Alisa Krivošejeva), Natalija Lapsinova (Natālija Lapšinova), Armins Mikelsons (Armīns Miķelsons), and to everyone, who participated in the Christmas charity campaign of HK "Dinamo Riga", donated money or bought presents at our charity markets!

Children, who were unable to attend our event due to any reasons, will get their presents through "Pasta stacija". There are so many presents that gnomes will have plenty to do in January too!:)


Autumn 2017

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From 2-7 October charity organization "Palīdzē" in cooperation with "Park Inn by Radisson" hotel network held a #AddingColorToLives campaign event.

In the course of the event the world-renowned street artist and pedagogue Joel Bergner from New York as part of "Palīdzē" team of young people and volunteers from "Park Inn by Radisson" created an original mural on the wall of a hut in the territory of Riga Special Boarding Elementary School No. 5 (26 Stokholmas Street) attended by children with various health issues. Throughout the week spiting the autumn rain and cold young people from different regions of Latvia went to Mezaparks to continue their work on the mural. The event provided young people with a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge of English, socialize, express their emotions and implement creative ideas.

In our opinion such projects contribute substantially to development and growth of young people.

The creative project served as a forerunner to "The Week of Good Deeds", which is scheduled from 16 to 22 October this year.

#AddingColorToLives campaign was launched in 2015 to unite youths at risk from local communities and provide them with an opportunity to express themselves artistically. Youths at risk include street children, refugees and other young people whose voices often remain unheard by the society. We extend our thanks to "Park Inn by Radisson" hotel network and Joel for the excellent opportunity, as well as our fantastic young people for their endurance, passion and serious attitude towards work! We are very proud of you!

"The Week of Good Deeds" is supported financially by the Society Integration Foundation from the budget of the Republic of Latvia.




The Day of Adventures with PanCars

As "The Week of Good Deeds" closes, in our cooperation partners wish to share warmth of their hearts and bring joy into lives of children. On 10 October "PanCars Rentals & Fun Staff" organised a day full of adventures for 30 pupils of Drabesi Boarding Elementary School, who do not see their families often, to bring some joy into their lives.

After having as refreshments the tasty cakes from the eclairs shop "Raunas dārzs" on the welcoming premises of "Noliktava No3" and forming teams we took our seats behind the wheels of toy-size cars and went on a mission of learning to navigate Riga by completing orienteering tasks. The motto of the day – teamwork, wit, attentiveness, passion, the taste of victory and fun!


Many thanks to our volunteer drivers, without who the event could not have taken place!

Thanks to the photographer Ilze Zvera (Ilze Zvēra) and F64 Photo Agency.

Thanks to the authors of the idea for the Good Deed and its organisers: "PanCars Rentals & Fun Staff" and "Noliktava No3"!

Thanks to the supporters of the event:

Family entertainment centre "Skypark Latvija"

"333 Sports Complex"


"Amber Distribution Latvia"


Eclairs Shop "Raunas dārzs"

SIA (limited liability company) "Ādažu desu darbnīca"

SIA "A Fruits"

SIA "Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija"

"The Week of Good Deeds" is supported financially by the Society Integration Foundation from the budget of the Republic of Latvia.



Good Deeds at "Ventas vēji"

We love doing good deeds, rain or shine, and that is great! 

In the beginning of "The Week of Good Deeds" a large team of young people and volunteers from "Palīdzē" applied themselves vigorously to work at the stable "Ventas vēji", ignoring the rain and the wind.

We repaired the roof of the stable, mucked it out, cleaned the surrounding territory, stacked in one place fragments of boards and, of course, spent time with the horses.

We extend our thanks to everyone, who participated, as well as the supporters of the event!

We thank the photographer Dmitrijs Sulzics (Dmitrijs Sulžics) from F64 for his endurance in capturing the process of work in photographs:)

"The Week of Good Deeds" is supported financially by the Society Integration Foundation from the budget of the Republic of Latvia.




"The Week of Good Deeds 2017" Has Ended With More Than 370 Good Deeds

The charity organisation "Palīdzē" organised "The Week of Good Deeds" campaign from 16 to 22 October for the ninth year in a row. The campaign encourages people to offer assistance that does not require big financial investments. Over 13 000 people from all around Latvia responded to the appeal.

373 Good Deeds were registered under the campaign, and as the special counter of good deeds indicates, the list of Good Deeds is a wide and comprehensive one – the participants of the campaign have taken care of lonely and old people, animals, cleaned up nature areas in Latvia and given special attention to fellow human beings by spending their time with them. The contains countless small deeds, for which we either lack time or motivation in the usual course of our daily lives. Everyone could propose an idea of a Good Deed and implement it with his or her colleagues, classmates, friends or on his own.

"This year, when we thought about "The Week of Good Deeds", we were sure that it had to be something related to Latvia as our country. But what is Latvia? Latvia is us and we begin with our parents, therefore we decided to prepare a surprise for our parents, in which we would thank them for the opportunity to be here, in Latvia, and carry the motto of the Latvian centenary with the sense of belonging to our nation: "I am Latvia!" That is the video greeting created by the pupils of Class 6c of Pargauja Primary School in Valmiera. And that is the way it is, everything begins with us, our family, friends, classmates and teachers.

As a result to our satisfaction we can state that children and young people have been the most active during "The Week of Good Deeds" as in previous years. They together with parents and teachers have done many good deeds.

A number of non-governmental organisations and enterprises participated in the campaign too.

The message of "The Week of Good Deeds" is: after doing something good for somebody else one wishes to do it again and again!

The most important thing is that everybody, who has taken part in good deeds, has enjoyed it and felt satisfaction. And that means that the main purpose of "The Week of Good Deeds" has been achieved – when you do a good deed for somebody else, you gain something yourself!

"The Week of Good Deeds" is a part of the appeal launched for the centenary of Latvian State to offer as a gift your time spent on good deeds for ourselves and Latvia, which will help to do important things together. The campaign is organised in cooperation with the Youth Action Committee for Latvian National Centenary and the Ministry of Education and Science.

We thank for information support LTV and LSM.LV, LR, Rīga TV24, and Cā, Leta, Capital FM and F64 Photo Agency.

Our thanks to all, who took part during "The Week of Good Deeds"!

By working together, we can do more good deeds!

See you on "The Week of Good Deeds 2018"!

The campaign is supported financially by the Society Integration Foundation from the budget of the Republic of Latvia.





For the ninth year in a row we invited our cooperation partners, donors and supporters to participate in the charity campaign "School calls!" to make our nation smarter and better educated!

Many families in Latvia still have problems with providing their children with school supplies, therefore we are especially glad that we were able to help a record number of children and young people this year! We have all succeeded in providing 420 children in different regions of Latvia with pencils, notebooks, paints, modelling clay, rulers, erasers, sports and school bags, as well as many other things required at school.

School supplies and goods donated by "Palīdzē" cooperation partners found their way to large and poor families in Kuldiga, Iecava, Bauska, Liepaja, Valmiera and Jelgava municipalities, in Riga, as well as foster families in Latgale region and Madona and Bauska municipalities.

Thanks to support provided by SIA "KPMG Baltics" two-day courses for young people "Presentation. Overcoming Fear. Presenting Your Opinion. Addressing the Public" were organised. Theory, discussion, tasks, practice, video training – an objective look at oneself. Young people handled everything excellently and gained much from the training.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone, who participated in the campaign!

Thanks to SIA "KPMG Baltics", KPMG Law Firm and SIA "L’Oreal Baltic"!

We also extend our thanks to the employees of "Radisson" chain of hotels for the school bags, school supplies and the event!

We thank the donors: Ilva Utane (Ilva Utāne), Gunita Misina (Gunita Misiņa) and Ilze Veinberga (Ilze Veinberga)

Thanks to visitors of "Latvian Railways Cup 2017" for participating in charity events of HT "Dinamo Riga"!

We offer our thanks to enterprises and their employees, who placed contributions boxes at the premises of their enterprises for donations in kind, and donated goods manufactured by the enterprise: "Valdemāra biroji" leaseholders, SIA "The Body Shop Latvija", SIA "Veiters Korporācija", AS "Drogas", SIA "L’oreal Baltic", SIA "Spodrība", "TNT", "Circle K Latvia" and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia.

We extend our thanks to F64 Photo Agency for capturing the best moments on photographs!:)




The Closing Event of "The Week of Good Deeds 2017" in Kalsnava

We ended "The Week of Good Deeds 2017" with positive emotions, many thanks, treats, games, songs and dancing at Kalsnava Elementary School.

Inhabitants of Kalsnava are active, inventive and eager to do good deeds. Kalsnava municipality can be proud of its inhabitants, who participate in good deeds!

The main driving force behind "The Week of Good Deeds" are two people, who head the society "Kalsnavas jaunieši" Linda Riziga (Linda Riziga) and Gatis Teilis (Gatis Teilis).

For the second year in a row a special Good Deeds Police was established to remind local people about the importance of good deeds and encourage everyone – schoolchildren and local entrepreneurs, along with local inhabitants – to do good deeds. Good Deeds Police did some good deeds themselves to provide an example. For instance, a surprise awaited the inhabitants of Kalsnava immersed in their own problems and thoughts about daily tasks one morning at a bus stop at 7:00 a. m.

Good words are followed by a diploma and a present

Thank you Linda and Gati! Thank you Kalsnava!

"The Week of Good Deeds" is a part of the appeal launched for the centenary of Latvian State to offer as a gift your time spent on good deeds for ourselves and Latvia, which will help to do important things together. The campaign is organised in cooperation with the Youth Action Committee for Latvian National Centenary and the Ministry of Education and Science.

See you on "The Week of Good Deeds 2018"!

The campaign is supported financially by the Society Integration Foundation from the budget of the Republic of Latvia.

Christmas Charity Campaign “Let’s Warm the Hearts!”

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Christmas Charity Campaign “Let’s Warm the Hearts!” (“Sasildīsim sirsniņas!”) 2017


Already for the ninth year, Palīdzē invites to celebrate the holiday by bringing joy to others – by participating in the campaign “Let’s Warm the Hearts!”. The campaign is organized to fulfil the dreams of children and young people about Christmas as a holiday full of light, warmth and love.


Currently, Palīdzē cooperates with more than 500 children and young people having various health and social nature problems. Each of these children wants to see the real Christmas miracle, and you can help them to experience this miracle!


The donated funds will be spent for gifts and cheerful, educational and active adventure – Christmas event at the premises of our cooperation partners “Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara” together with our creative friends.


You can join us and help to bring real holiday to children and young people, supporting us in four ways:


1) by transferring money to the organization's account – for the campaign “Let's Warm the Hearts!”
Unified Reg. No. 40008137568
Address: Jauniela 21-1, Riga, LV-1050

P.S. When making a payment, please, specify the exact purpose of the payment: for the campaign “Let’s Warm the Hearts!”.The donating companies are eligible for receiving tax relief, because we are a public benefit organization.


2) by calling to the charity phone 90006888 and donating 1.42 EUR
The entire money donated in December will be used to buy gifts for children.


3) by placing a box for donations in your company and filling it with gifts together with your colleagues.


We invite you to donate – sweets (candies, cookies, gingerbreads, nuts, etc.), as well as: for young people – books, cosmetics, body care products, clothing, pantyhose, etc., jewellery.  For kids – developing toys, books and drawing supplies, colouring books, puzzles, board games, etc.


4) by purchasing Christmas cards (   created by children, or other souvenirs created by children, young people and families.

Souvenirs can be acquired at:

* ”Palīdzē” centre at Kr.Valdemāra 118, Riga, previously coordinating the exact time

*Charity shop



On the issues concerning purchase and delivery of presents, or placement of donation boxes, please, contact:


Laura Šteina phone: 29110203, e-mail: [email protected]


Campaign period: 01.12.2016 – 30.12.2016.


Let the Christmas expectation time be full of love, friendship and support for you and your loved ones!

April - July 2017

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Already very soon schools will invite their pupils for the new school year to acquire new knowledge and wisdom again. Unfortunately, for many children and young people from social risk families, large families and foster families approaching of the new school year raises concerns – so much has to be acquired, but there is shortage of funds.

We invite you, your friends and relatives to support creating of smart and educated Latvia by donating items necessary for school.

By donating funds into the account of “Palīdzē” you can provide pupils with stationery and other things necessary for school to make starting of school year a happy and awaited event. Donated funds will be used to acquire items necessary for school for friendly prices from cooperation partners.

Let's fill school bags together!

How can you help:

– By donating funds into the organization account
Foundation “Palīdzē”, Unified reg. No. 40008137568
Address: Kr.Valdemāra Street 118, Riga
Payment details: JSC “SEB banka”, LV90UNLA0050013761397,
With an indication – for the campaign “School Calls!” or here

– To make a call to the charity number 90006888 and donate 1.42 EUR

By placing a donation box in your organization, for collecting things useful for school*
The campaign period: from 1 August to 31 August. The progress of the project and spending of donations can be followed on our homepage and on social networks!

– To donate items necessary for school*, and to participate in charity activities during games of HC “Dinamo Rīga” within the framework of “Latvijas Dzelzceļš Cup” from 13-17 August, in Arena Riga, at “Palīdzē” charity stand.


* Items necessary for school: pencils, erasers, pens (blue, coloured), coloured pencils, felt-tipped pens, liners, PVA glue, glue sticks, scissors, pencil sharpeners, A4 drawing paper blocks, watercolour paper blocks, paintbrushes, gouache colours; watercolours, crayons (simple, pastel, wax), plasticine, construction paper, coloured cardboard, glossy glue. Exercise books (squared, lined), notebooks (squared thin, squared thick, lined), music books, compasses, transporters, markers, sticky notes. Sports clothing, footwear and sports inventory.


Forest School (Meža skola)

July 2017

In early July we went for a two-day hiking in the forest together with 25 young people of various age from socially vulnerable groups, who had come from all around Latvia.

Thanks to the experienced hiking leader LENO, even at moments when it seemed that we are lost in the thick forest and are walking in a circle, we felt safe and secure, because Leno can give a sense of confidence and safety.

To promote decisiveness and logic thinking, and to stimulate working in a team, the group leader allowed to choose the hiking direction ourselves, without even showing the right direction, when we came to a deadlock. In order to make the hiking even more interesting, various team consolidation tasks were given throughout the hiking, and we also learned various methods for defending ourselves when facing “bad people”.

Tired, exhausted, but full of impressions and having made new friends we returned to Riga to dive into new exciting adventures some other time again.


Closing event of the social integration project “Together We Can!” (“Kopā varam!”)


With lively and fun games organized by “Jogitas pasākumi”, bubbles, candy floss and glitter tattoos in “Skultes muiža” we finalized the social integration project “Together We Can!” supported by “Latvijas valsts meži”. At the closing event we looked back at the achievements, creating a joint natural materials mandala and “thanks” palms for supporters.

During 11 classes of the project, family links were strengthened, creativity of parents and children was developed, daring to express one's opinion, as well as communication and cooperation skills were improved.  Several classes for children took place separately from parents, so that mothers could fully engage into the charm of classes. For example, while children created clay fortune buttons together with ceramist Una Ļaha, their mothers had a meeting with the charismatic psychotherapist Aina Poiša. In its turn, while celebrating the Mother's Day, mothers were pampered by beauty masters, while their children enjoyed canistherapy. Kaspars' photo story here.

During another class children had a sand therapy session managed by „Smilšu kino”, whereas their mothers tried their skills in improvisational theatre together with Juris Kozlovskis from the improvisational show Spiediens

In one of the last classes children worked together with art therapist Diāna Serga, creating works of art from plasticine. At the same time, their mothers explored France and its charm – dishes, music, beverages, culture and history, as well as learned a few basic phrases in French.

At the end of the project we realized, how important and significant it is to take care not only of well-being and development of children, but also of their mothers – so that they are not forgotten, could take a breath in their daily run and feel appreciated!



Celebrating the Mother's Day


On 10 May, within the framework of the social rehabilitation project “Together We Can” (“Kopā varam!”), supported by LatvijasValstsMeži, in LNK Group “Valdemāra biroji” and Palīdzē centre, fragrance of eye shade palettes, nail polish, powder and other feminine aromas were in the air. Celebrating the Mother's Day, our great voluntary beauty masters Dana, Stefa (Crème de la Crème Beauty studio), Ramona, as well as Kārlis from L’Oreal Baltic gave an opportunity to mothers of children with special needs to enjoy beauty pleasures. Shining in the eyes of mothers proved, that they have a fantastic evening. Since mothers spend 24 hours a day with their children with special needs, frequently they don't have time for themselves.  Therefore, we wanted to create festive atmosphere for mothers, pamper them with feminine pleasures and remind them, that, first of all, each of them is a WOMAN, and how important it is to feel good and satisfied with themselves. It seemed, that this day reminded for each of them, how important it is to find a little bit more time and pay more attention to themselves during their daily busyness.

While enjoying the touch of make-up artist's brush, each mother separately could find out their topical and individually suitable hints to look even more beautiful and brilliant.  Whereas Kārlis shared his knowledge on how to dye and take care of hair at home, saving time and money. The magic powder of manicurist Ramona will help mothers' nails to look good for several weeks. Our young specialists Madara and Alise drew beautiful henna drawings, which will keep memories about this day alive for a long time.

While their mothers indulged in pampering, children could caress and become friends with the white beauties from Gentle Dog – Dog Therapy!

Opening of personal exhibition of the paralysed Mareks, who draws holding the brush in his mouth

On the afternoon of 17 May, the charity organisation “Palīdzē”, in the hospitable premises of “Noliktava Nr.3”, organized already the second personal exhibition/auction of paintings by Mareks Odumiņš, during which visitors could view these special paintings, meet the artist himself, and buy any of the paintings, so that Mareks could have rehabilitation in Estonia for the obtained funds, which significantly helps to improve his health condition. During the exhibition opening event, 14 out of 17 Mareks' paintings were sold; however, none of them went to their new home yet, because the exhibition of Mareks' paintings will be displayed on the first floor of the S/C “Mols” from 22 May until 5 June. Mareks' desire is that his paintings are observed by as many people as possible, so that they could find inspiration for positive perception of life.
Mareks is completely paralysed and can himself move only facial muscles. He is positive, joyful, full of optimism and belief, that everything will go well, if he wishes it and strives for it. Mareks not only has positive thinking, but he also proves it by his deeds – he paints, holding the brush in his mouth, and his paintings are fantastic!

The exhibition opening was a very emotional moment both for the artist himself and for guests of the exhibition. Mareks can inspire everyone for good deeds! The young man expressed his gratitude to all of his supporters and friends for support, assistance and always being next to him. As Mareks says: “If there are 100 reasons to cry, I will find 1000 reasons to be happy, and you can take my legs and arms away, but you'll never take away my smile and my desire to paint!” The exhibition opening was led by Andris Kivičs and the musical accompaniment was ensured by DJ KOZY (Jānis Kozlovskis). The special surprise of the exhibition opening was the visit of the band “Prāta Vētra” and the singer Marija Naumova, as well as video greetings from the singer Dons. Among guests of the event were Mareks' friends, relatives, supporters and fans of his talent.
Mareks and Palīdzē are grateful to all guests, who were with us at this exhibition opening ceremony.

World Ventures Foundation Baltic Volunteer day


On 1 April, we spent an exciting day at the Guest House “Skultes muiža” together with our friends from World Ventures Foundation.  This time our “white friends” came not only from Latvia, but also from Estonia.
We had a great time, doing good deeds – preparing the manor for summer camps, having joyful conversations and attractive games.
This day was especially joyful for young people from the SSCC “Teika”, who spend their daily lives in the social care centre.

January–March News

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  “Palīdzē” On-line Charity Store is Now Open

Charity organization “Palīdzē” actively supports social improvements and creative expressions, and now it is also engaged in social entrepreneurship.

For several years, we have been making souvenirs together with the target-group children and young people, as well as their parents, at summer camps and creative workshops. These souvenirs are then sold at charity fairs for donations. As of last year, in cooperation with “Happy Ulula”, young women with disabilities and mothers, who have babies with health problems, are crocheting special bonnets. Moms also knit warm socks, a young girl in a wheelchair makes jewellery, we paint dishes together, children make greeting cards, we make soap and candles, young people paint on stones, students of specialised boarding schools who are learning the trade of a carpenter make wooden spatulas, placemats and other goods, while young people from a social care centre in Zemgale collect herbal teas in summer.

To provide the general public with a possibility to buy goods with added value, “Palīdzē” on-line charity store was opened in co-operation with Latvian software company Mozello.

Marvellous paintings of Mareks Odumiņš are also available in the store. Mareks is completely paralysed and is able to move only his facial muscles. He is positive, joyful, full of optimism and faith that everything will be alright – he just has to want it and be determined. Mareks not only thinks positively, but also takes action – he paints, holding the brush in his mouth.

Most responsive Latvian photographers also take part in the project, donating their digital photographs for charitable purposes. By purchasing them, you will get beautiful photos, which can be used to create canvases, photo wallpapers or advertising materials.

All funds from the charity store project will be invested in current charity projects of “Palīdzē”.

Please visit “Palīdzē” charity store and support charitable activities!




Together with our friends from World Ventures Foundation and young people from Palīdzē, we are going to Skulte Manor in order to spend the day full of fun and meaningful discussions and good deeds.

Together with our friends from World Ventures Foundation and young people from Palīdzē, we are going to Skulte Manor in order to spend the day full of fun and meaningful discussions and good deeds.




Winter Activities of Palīdzē Youth Club
We plan various educative, creative and sports activities for the members of Palīdzē Youth Club on a regular basis.

When the hills of Latvia were covered in snow, we went to Riekstukalns together with employees of SEB Latvia to enjoy winter. Is there anything better than a great day when you see happiness in young people’s eyes, their rosy cheeks and a desire to rush downhill again and again? For most of the young people this was their first time skiing, but thanks to the friendly mood and support of employees of SEB Latvia, even those who were afraid of heights at the beginning, were soon able to go down even the highest hill.

When having a break from the activities with a lunch at “Riekstu Krogs”, employees of SEB Latvia encouraged young people to apply for UWC Latvia grants for studying abroad. We are truly happy for and proud of our Miks, who was granted the opportunity to travel to Italy in August despite of the fierce competition to spend the two last years of his secondary school studies abroad. At the same time, Mārīte will visit an international camp in summer, where she will have an opportunity to meet as inquisitive, erudite and active young people as herself.

In February, together with young people from different regions of Latvia, we went on an informative adventure around the Old Town of Riga to learn new things about its history and culture. Thanks to Biedriba CitaRiga and fantastic storyteller Inese, young people had the opportunity to participate in an interactive urban tour, to see Old Town from a different point of view, learning a lot of interesting facts that cannot be found in history books. Tasks of the tour brought us across the Akmens tilts to the National Library of Latvia, where young people learned about the library building, the services offered there, its history and cultural heritage.

As usual, we encourage young people to visit cultural events. During winter, we visited a performance of improvisational theatre Spiediens that gave us positive emotions and new experience. With the support of Daile Theater, we enjoyed the excellent performance of “Peldošie - ceļojošie. II daļa” with the organization’s young people during school holidays.

We also organized an active and creative day during the spring holiday:  we visited the Latvian National Museum of Art, where we improved our knowledge in art history listening to the stories of our lovely guide Elza.  To integrate the new members of the club, we continued the afternoon with active games organized by volunteers Madara and Monta. At the end of the day, we had a creative and funny class by Juris Kozlovskis from Spiediens who inspires creativity in young people, promotes their self-confidence and the ability to find a way out of any situation.




Youth Club's New Year's Party


At the beginning of January, while still in the holiday mood, we met with the members of Palīdzē Youth Club to look back to at the progress made last year and the things we enjoyed together and to put forward this year’s plans and objectives.
We have done so much together – acquired a wide range of skills both in master classes and personal trainers’ classes and had fun and enjoyed being together in the annual camp and events.
We are very proud of the young girls who submitted and implemented the Youth Initiative project by organising classes for people of Teika social care centre. Although the girls faced many difficulties during the project, we are happy for their perseverance and desire to continue what they started by submitting and implementing other projects in the future.
We have to thank the young people who helped to organize various activities throughout the year by volunteering at camps and activities organized by Palīdzē
Last year, several members of the Youth Club went on experience exchange trips to Italy and Cyprus to gain experience, get inspired and find new friends. One of our young people even went volunteering to Spain for a year.
After discussing the last year and receiving gifts, we went to Arena Riga in order to get actively involved in voluntary work. After a job well done and Dinamo Riga game, we all got our skates on and got on ice to start a real ice dance.
The joy about the time we have spent together and the progress made in 2016 urges us to continue along this path and come up with new plans for this year.



“Palīdzē” Capacity-Building in Youth Work


From 20.11. 2016 to 13.01.2017, project ““Palīdzē” Capacity-Building in Youth Work” supported by Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department was implemented.

Within the framework of the project, four volunteering promotion measures (planning, attraction of new volunteers, training, assessment, setting further targets) and four social inclusion measures aimed at children and young people from socially vulnerable groups, as well as six measures for using theoretical knowledge in practice – participation in charity fairs – involving the staff of the organisation and young volunteers from Riga, providing them with job training opportunities, were implemented.

To ensure high-quality youth volunteer work, the project included intensive two-day training programme “Good Deeds Unite!” (Labie darbi vieno!), during which the young volunteers were introduced to the activities of the organization and project objectives, trained for the specific work with children and young people from socially vulnerable groups, including people with functional and mental development problems, and team-building activities were introduced, using non-formal education methods to improve cooperation. In order to assess the results achieved, evaluation and follow-up activity strategic planning event was organized at the end of the project for all volunteers and organization’s staff.

As a result of the project, organization found 15 new volunteers. The young people from Riga were involved in voluntary work, trained for work with children and young people from socially vulnerable groups and motivated for further action. At the same time, children and young people from socially vulnerable groups became aware of themselves as an equal part of society, thus the positive experience will be transferred to the other target groups of young people, who could take part in similar events of the organization in the future.

A project is planned, within the framework of which developmental lessons for children with disabilities will be ensured, therefore the experience gained from volunteer training and practical work will be very valuable and helpful, and it will be possible to transfer this experience to the participants of this project.



LASAP Awards Four Golden Buttons 2016 for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Communication

On Thursday, 23 February 2017, annual awards of Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals (LASAP) – Golden Button 2016, created to promote transfer of good practices among public relations professionals – were given for the seventh time. After evaluating nominated professionals of the field in each of the four nominations: academia, public sector, non-governmental sector and business, the best ones were awarded: Edīte Olupe, Aleksis Jarockis, Ilze Skuja and Guna Zučika.


posted Jan 10, 2017, 3:25 AM by Renāte Robežniece


We carried out the social project Creativity Unites! (Radošums vieno!) in Bauska County for several months, during which children/youth and their families from socially vulnerable groups in Bauska learned new skills, abilities, creative ideas and improved their knowledge, collaborated, made new friendships with each other and with us!


We started this project in the beginning of September with fun and active games to become acquainted with each other and friendly activities to encourage collaboration.

Next time we met, we tried the art of improvisational theatre with the improviser Jānis Kozlovskis by thinking outside the box and leaving our comfort zones.

To find out more about a local enterprise, to broaden the view for the youth from the target group and encourage parents to look for job opportunities, we visited the local enterprise / production unit LLC (SIA) Gusto, where everyone could make a lip balm. In the meantime, the smaller children enjoyed creative activities with our wonderful volunteers Alise and Nikola.

To draw attention to the environmental pollution, we gave the second chance to different already used materials and objects and made interesting items, such as hair embellishments and bracelets. Little children used recycled materials to make colourful butterflies.

Both children and grownups were very excited about canistherapy, i.e., therapy which involves dogs. Also, local newspaper Bauskas Dzīve spent time with us. In the final event, everybody was sad that it was the last time of being together, but also happy about having the party.




December 2016


In creating and enjoying the most beautiful celebration of the year together, the pre-holiday visit to Gaujiena Children’s Home and Boarding-School with employees from the company Euro Live Technologies and volunteers from Palīdzē has become a lovely tradition. Gaujiena Children’s Home and Boarding-School is home for 112 children and youth with different health conditions, mental disorders and complications at home. Our visit is the only celebration event for many of them, and so we plan these visits especially carefully and include the opportunity of learning new skills and allow everyone give a performance to show their talents and abilities.

During the event, we made the Christmas-tree decorations together in Ebru technique and painted and glued patterns on them and made caps from yarn. We drew on gingerbread with sweet sugar icing and created clay decors. Besides the master classes, the children could take part in making a greetings video as well, which was demonstrated in the end of the event as a surprise.

The singer Liene Šomase and songs performed by students of Liene Šomase Creative Studio for Children and Youth created a special Christmas atmosphere and encouraged children and friends from ELT to dance zealously.

During the entire event, DJ Kozy (Jānis Kozlovskis) took care of the mood of the party and played songs in the background as the children played volleyball with balloons presented by the company Reklāmas baloni and treated themselves with popcorn, sweets from Laima, fruits from Augļu serviss and pies and pastry from Mārtiņa beķereja.




28 December 2016

On the eve of 2016, we enjoyed the most awaited event of the year - we met with 200 children and their families from the whole Latvia, to whom we provided various kinds of support this year, and had a wonderful time together. At the event, many children had many happy moments, and these children were from social groups within our range of vision, i.e., from Teika Social Care House, and amongst the clients of the social services of Latvian cities and towns such as Riga, Jelgava, Bauska, Kuldīga societies, with whom we are collaborate on day-to-day basis.

During the day, both children and accompanying adults had the opportunity to learn different rules of physics, study the structure of body, get lost in glass labyrinth and experience many educational and interesting activities at the exhibition hall of the Science and Curiosity Centre ZINOO. A chemist educated the audience and involved them into the scientific show, where fire and ice were used for freezing, melting, inflating and exploding. Although their hearts shook from fear, children were very interested in the show and took part in the experiments actively.

After the educational activities children were surprised by the fun and active games with Snow-white, tiger and baby lion from LLC (SIA) Jogitas Pasākumi, but the lady-dwarf Patrīcija entertained the guests with songs that tempted everybody to dance.

Of course, Santa Claus was the most awaited guest of the day and children had prepared poems to earn their presents.

Just like all parties, there was feasting as well. We treated ourselves with pizzas from Vairāk Saules, tangerines from Augļu Serviss and sweets from Laima!




To encourage the society to do good for others and help itself, the charity organisation Palīdzē organised the Week of Good Deeds (Labo darbu nedēļa) from 17 to 23 October for the eight year already in Latvia, and during this week the entire society is welcome to take a look around and see who can be helped without making significant investments. More than 18,050 people from Latvia responded to the invitation of the campaign, and emigrated Latvians were addressed this year as well.

This year, 536 good deeds have been registered within the campaign, and the list of good deeds is extensive and diverse as the campaign participants took care of lonely and elderly people and animals, cleaned up the natural sites in Latvia and paid attention to the people around them and spent time together.

More good deeds can be done, if we do them together!





Buy electronic photographs by professional photographers and use them as you like – frame them or make canvas or wallpapers!

The charity organisation Palīdzē created new project in collaboration with the brightest Latvian photographers to encourage you to do a good deed and make a valuable acquisition. The website is offering you to buy the works by most responsive Latvian photographers and to acquire excellent photographs and do a good deed in the same time, because the entire sum of money from the project will be used for carrying out the most urgent charity projects.

A lot has been done during the nine years of existence of Palīdzē, but children, youth and their families struggling with the challenges of the fate, i.e., shortage of money, diseases and addictions of children and other problems at home, still need support.

We are welcoming you to participate in this photo project and buy some work from these outstanding photographers!



SUMMER CAMP hear, listen, speak! (Sadzirdi, klausies, runā!)

Summer 2016, Koknese

This summer organised the camp Hear, Listen, Speak! (Sadzirdi, klausies, runā!), and this was the third time of organising it for Latvian families with hearing-impaired children and youth after the initiative of Latvian Association for Support to the Hearing-Impaired and with support from ABLV Charitable Foundation. At the camp in Bormaņi, families with hearing-impaired children enjoyed the last warm days of summer and did and learned SO MUCH again to expand their vision of life and to see the surrounding opportunities of enjoying their lives.

We are grateful to Latvian Association for Support to the Hearing-Impaired and ABLV Charitable Foundation for their collaboration and trust.

June - September, 2016

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Summer family camp "Butterfly Summers"
Thanks to support provided by ABLV Charitable Foundation, in the beginning of June 2016, we had a four-day summer family camp "Butterfly Summers 2016" in Skulte Manor where the children and their parents from socially vulnerable groups participated, in total 15 families from all over Latvia.
The camp program was developed to strengthen the family roots, to develop creativity of parents and their children, to improve the ability to express one's own opinion, as well as communication and collaboration skills.


Academy for Democracy

Palīdzē in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute and Danish youth documentary theatre “C:ntact” from June 25 –30 in Skulte Manor organized a creative event "Academy for Democracy". During those six days 10 young people from Latvia and one young woman from Denmark acquired dramatic skills, the basics of public speech, choreography and vocal mastery in order to participate in a conversation festival "Lamp" on July 2 in Cēsis with the programme prepared during the academy.


We participate in and support the opening of the initiative "World for All" organized by association "I See"

We participate in and support the opening of the initiative "World for All" organized by association "I see"

The initiative “World for All” provides for ensuring accessibility at educational institutions practicing the principles of inclusive education, promoting the use of licensed inclusive curriculum at schools, as well as preparing the society for integration processes of people with disabilities.


Together with Jānis Kozloviskis, an actor of the improvisation theatre PLIT, and Bauska municipality families from socially vulnerable groups we'll learn to improvise on the stage and in the life

Together with Jānis Kozloviskis, an actor of the improvisation theatre PLIT, and Bauska municipality families from socially vulnerable groups we'll learn to improvise on the stage and in the life :). 


Worldventures Fundation Volunteer Day

Together with the “Worldventures Fundation” we'll spend a day full of goodness and positive emotions to share the energy with the children and young people from SSCC "Teika", to give joy each other!



The most desired summer event for many young people is Youth Club summer camp "Skulte Landlords" that took place as usually in the cosy premises and adorable rural territory of our good friends - guest house “Skulte Manor”.

The camp programme was developed to help young people acquire during the five days as much as possible new skills and knowledge, new insight and understanding of the problems every young person faces and how to solve them using various methods. One of the main goals and tasks of the camp was to build a stable youth group that would be able and willing to participate in "Erasmus + Youth in Action" project competition, so we all together could go to a youth exchange trip to one of the partner countries.

Mission Koknese

In the beginning of July 20 sonorous voices of children and young people filled Koknese. Children and young people from socially vulnerable groups (foster families, social risk families, special boarding schools, children with hearing impairments) participated in a three-day camp in Koknese.
We stayed at the cosy holiday site Pērsejas all three days. We pitched tents, cooked meals on a bonfire (many children did it for the first time and it was a miracle for them), played various games, enjoyed fellowship, learned to be patient, to listen to the opinion of others and to support each other. To help the children get to know cultural history and nature of Latvia, we had a photo orientation "Koknese's mission". During the camp, we visited the  “Creative House”, where we learned the Latvian traditional wisdom through games and dances. This was a very interesting, useful and educational event. If you are in Koknese, make sure you go and visit this place!



The schools soon will be calling their students for the new school year to acquire new knowledge and wisdom. However, a lot of children and youth from social risk families, large families and foster families are concerned about it - there is a need of so many things, but their resources are limited.

By donating money into the "Palīdzē" account, you have an opportunity to provide the necessary school supplies for the students to make the beginning of the school year a joyful and expected event. Donations will be used to buy school supplies at friendly prices from our collaboration partners.

Campaign "The Week of Good Deeds 2016" from October 17-23 throughout Latvia!

For the eighth year in a row, the charity organization Palīdzē is organizing “The Week of Good Deeds” – a week, when we are particularly active at doing goods deeds and encouraging others to do the same. “The Week of Good Deeds 2016” begins the preparations for the centenary of the state of Latvia and is organized in collaboration with  the Youth Action Committee for Latvian National Centenary and the Ministry of Education and Science.

The process of helping – it can be pleasant, exciting and so very important in difficult times. It also gives pleasure and satisfaction to the helper himself/herself. By helping others, you can find new friends, partners and ideas for further work. During the "Week of Good Deeds", increased attention is being paid to the help that can be provided without a large financial investment.

Events – June 2016

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The good deed by Hansadeko

To make good use of the time in between their daily tasks, have done a good deed – giving a sofa bed to a low-income large family in Iecava. Our gift has given joy to new mom Kitija and her little ones – Zanda, Deivids, and Adriana. Kitija has three children that she has to take care of and raise without the moral and financial support of their father. Kitija is a very young mother.  Her family's only income comes from the allowances provided by the SSIA. Kitija is currently unable to have a salaried work due to having an infant to raise. Kitija’s parents live far away and they cannot help their daughter, since their income is low. Kitija receives no support from the parents of the children's father. She uses the opportunity to eat warm soup offered by the Salvation Army.
A short time ago, Kitija faced a huge dilemma, as she wanted to stop living together with the children’s father.


15th anniversary of orphanage “Sprīdītis”

On June 1, on the International Children’s Day, orphanage “Sprīdītis” celebrated its 15th anniversary. This celebration, as it deserves to be, was full of children’s laughter, songs, dance, snacks and surprises.

Opening of the Palīdzē centre

We are pleased to announce that the centre of charity organisation “Palidzē” was opened on 27 May in Riga, Kr. Valdemāra Street 118. Establishment of such a centre is a long-cherished dream of “Palīdzē”, which came to life thanks to the long-standing supporters of the organisation – “LNK Group” –, who provided us with spacious and comfortable premises at the office centre “Valdemāra biroji” free of charge.
“Palīdzē” centre will be the organisation’s work space, where various types of development lessons, master classes and therapies for children and young people from socially vulnerable groups will be organised. “Palīdzē” volunteers will have the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with children and young people at the centre’s premises, where exchange of donations will also take place and a small charity shop will be opened.
Talented children and young people known by “Palīdzē” delighted the guests of the centre’s opening celebration with musical performances.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to grow and provide even greater support to the children and young people cared for by “Palīdzē”.
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to: LNK group (LNK Charity, LNK Porperties), Ivars Siliņš, companies “Officeday Latvia”, “Rito”, “Pupumaiss” , “Vindecor”, “Abi2”, “Melnā kafija”, “Dizaina parks”, “Senās pasaules mēbeles”, “Mārtiņa Beķereja”, “Augļu serviss”, Piejura Primary Boarding School, designer Baiba Žilinska, as well as to all the volunteers and friends!
See you at our centre in the office building “Valdemāra biroji” at Kr. Valdemāra 118, Riga!


Events in February- May 2016

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Lending a hand at Ulubele



Visiting animal shelter “Ulubele” has become a tradition of Palīdzē Youth Club.

This time, together with our friends from WorldVentures Foundation, the visit was very special as we helped at the shelter on May 4 – the day of restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia – and this was our present for Latvia!

The day was full of events – when arriving at the shelter, we listened to the shelter rules and instructions in order to obtain volunteer licenses that will let us visit the shelter in the future to continue doing good deeds. After the briefing, we split into a number of teams and started working – we cleaned the dog kennels, filled the holes dug by dogs, cleaned the animal cages, piled up boards, raked leaves, and took our furry friends for a walk. There were a lot of helpers, the work went smoothly, and, at the end of the day, we went on a picnic, enjoying the beautiful day.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the event – producer of dog snacks “Dailes” – for donated snacks for animals.
We would also like to thank “Fazer”, “Laima”, “Nākotne”, “Ādažu čipsi”, “Augļu serviss”, “Greta”, and “Vichy” for food, dishes and drinks for the picnic!





WV Foundation Volunteer day – a charity day, when we will visit animal shelter Ulubele together with the children and youth of Palīdzē for some spring clean-up work, having a pithy day full of positive emotions. Everyone will have an opportunity to take our furry friends for a walk. A picnic and a sunny day await us!




The final show of the season of “Pasaulē Labākais Improvizācijas Teātris” (World’s Best Improvisation Theatre)

The final show of the season of “Pasaulē Labākais Improvizācijas Teātris” (World’s Best Improvisation Theatre). Donation entrance fee for summer camps of the children and youth of Palīdzē


Spring event of Palīdzē Youth Club

Photo donation: Svetlana Čertkova

We are overjoyed and grateful to the “LNK group” and “LNK Charity fund” for the bring our long-cherished dream of Palīdzē Centre to life, where we will be able to work with children, young people and volunteers.

On April 9, the first event of the Youth Club will take place on the premises of Palīdzē Centre.
We did a lot:
– we consecrated, cleaned and furnished the premises of the Centre.
– we had an informal discussion about young people’s opportunities to take part in the projects of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme, and the final conclusion was – we have to look for reliable partners to implement the youth exchange project together. Young people are motivated and obsessed with the new idea!
– three very active young girls of the Club presented their first approved project “ES+TU=SPĒKS” (ME+YOU=POWER) submitted to the Riga Youth Initiative Contest.
– we enjoyed the magic of dance together with JVclubs Dance Company.

We would like to thankVairāk saules for the tasty pizzas and LAIMA for the sweets!

Thanks to Svetlana Chertkova for the photos!
We would also like to thank our super cool young people for this day and the housewarming snacks!
We are here for you – you are here for us!


Swap Old for New!

For the 14th year in a row, RITO launches charity campaign Swap Old for New together with Palīdzē on April 1.






We are happy about the fantastic moments of joy that we enjoyed together with the kids of Riga Special Primary Boarding School No. 5 and Six Senses International Preschool.

Photo donation: Rolfs Vendiņš

We are happy about the fantastic moments of joy that we enjoyed together with the kids of Riga Special Primary Boarding School No. 5 and Six Senses International Preschool. We would like to thank the nice staff of Mezaparks Six Senses International Preschool who organized a charity fair at their school in order to collect funds for this wonderful purpose – an unforgettable day full of adventure for the children of the neighbouring special school.
A special thanks to our friends – Dinamo Rīga – who provide financial support for implementation of such social integration measures. We would also like to thank the energetic and warm-hearted staff of LLC “Jogitas Pasākumi” for bringing joy to the little hearts!





WorldVentures Foundation visits Piejura Primary Boarding School


We visited Piejura Primary Boarding School together with WorldVentures Foundation on March 3. School literally pulsed with positive emotions and creativity :). There are 60 children and young people with different types of functional and mental disabilities attending the school as well as children and young people with behavioural disorders.

The member of WorldVentures Foundation had four creative workshops together with the children. In one of the workshops, we sowed grass in pots that we decorated, so that everyone would have something to take care of and so that the grass is green, bushy and beautiful by Easter. This turned into a “black earth therapy” for children with more severe diagnoses – children worked with black earth, pouring it from one container into another and tirelessly did this for almost an hour, which surprised their teachers.
Another workshop was devoted to making fun balloon faces, while the next one – making Easter eggs from yarn and threads. The most creative workshop was devoted to making a variety of Easter decorations, involving a lot of creativity, imagination, and most importantly – loads of fun!
At the same time, the older children and young people participated actively in the games workshop, which was attractively led by the main organizer of the event and our friend – Ieva Garjāne.
We concluded the event with a party and feasting on the fruits and sweets brought by the guests and donated by “Laima”. Incredibly huge thanks to all the participants for this day! WorldVentures Foundation is an international organisation that has been helping children all over the world since 2010.




Palīdzē Youth Club at Zagarkalns

February 2016

It has become our tradition to go on a winter trip to Zagarkalns (this was the fourth year in a row) to enjoy winter pleasures – skiing and snowboarding. Eight out of 20 young people tried skiing for the first time and they all liked it. They liked it so much that we want to go there again next week!

Skiing is not just for entertainment or leisure. Such events improve young people’s physical fitness as well as their cooperation and mutual communication and socialization skills, which are often very poorly developed.

We would like to say sincere thanks to “Žagarkalns” for the instructors, equipment and ski lift tickets!

We would also like to thank “Vecrīgas Ziemassvētku tirdziņš” for financial support!

Thank you to ever so helpful “Jurobuss” and driver Juris!

Thank you to “Laima” for sweets!

In our opinion, work with young people is important for their further development, which is an invaluable benefit not only for young people themselves and their families, but for the society as a whole.





Visiting Bauska Municipal Social Service

February 2016

Who said that Christmas is only once a year?! In early February, we went to Bauska Municipal Social Service, taking donated gifts, fun games and creative activities with us and bringing together 12 families at social risk.

Children and their parents welcomed us with pleasure. We worked together in workshops, where we created artistic decorations, photo frames for shared moments and mandalas, which reflected current feelings of children and parents.

The highlight of the event, of course, was the gift-giving, which, like at Christmas, would not be complete without performances prepared by the families.

The event was concluded with feasting on snacks and sweets of “Laima”, “Ādažu Čipsi”, and “Mārtiņa Beķereja”. “Could this day get any better?” :), three-year-old Marta whispered to us.

It was a great pleasure to spend this day together and fill it with positive emotions!

Thank you for the presents to L’oreal Baltic, Stenders, Veiters, EGMONT LATVIA, JUNGNET, LAIMA and MĀRTIŅA BEĶEREJA!

Thank you to Aija Pumpure and the School of Aesthetics “Sparģelītis” for the materials and ideas for creating the beautiful mandalas.

Thank you for the presents to the staff of SCANDIWEB and to Darja Milova personally, the staff of LLC FIMA and to Inese Lagzdiņa and Jana Kalnāre personally.


Events: November, 2015- February 2016

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Christmas event at Children's Science & Curiosity centre “Wonders”

Photo donation: Nora Krevņeva

During the last days of December, we invited children and young people who we meet on a daily basis as well as children and young people from our partners – associations of Jelgava, Bauska, Eleja, Kuldiga, and Iecava to a Christmas event at the Children's Science & Curiosity centre “Wonders”.
200 children and young people from different cities of Latvia explored and enjoyed the wonders of this day. The children and young people got acquainted with the centre and its interactive exposition, which is based on the principles of physics. After the interesting lessons, we had fun playing around, singing songs and dancing with Snow White and other fairytale characters brought by our wonderful partner “Jogitas pasākumi”. Of course, the most anticipated event of the day was Santa and his presents!
Afterwards, there were delicious pizzas from “Vairāk Saules” and mandarins from “Augļu Serviss”!

The biggest thank you for the opportunity to organise this event to:
The association “
SIA “Inter Tax”, Marlene and Andreas Kiep.
The association “Nicole smile”
Thank you to “Augļu serviss” for the mandarins and “Vairāk saules” for the special discounts on pizzas!
Thank you to Children's Science & Curiosity centre “Wonders” for the hospitality!
Thank you to our photographer Nora Krevņeva!


Christmas presents and events within the framework of the charity project “Let's Warm the Hearts!”

The children who could not participate in the Christmas events organised by Palīdzē for various reasons, received their presents through “Santa's Christmas post” thanks to our wonderful partner “Pasta stacija”! You brought so many presents that the elves will be busy until February! :)

At the start of the new school semester, on January 4th, we went to visit Piejūra Boarding School to greet the children and young people with presents!

In addition, on the 2nd and 3rd of January, thanks to our friends from “Jogitas pasākumi”, we were able to bring joy to children from Līkumi and Laubere orphanages.

A big thank you to each and every one who participated and helped to bring the joy of Christmas!
This Christmas we have done real wonders – brought joy to more than 550 children from all over Latvia!
Thank you for the presents to L’oreal Baltic, Stenders, Veiters, NIVEA, LAIMA, AUGĻU SERVISS!
Thank you for the presents to the staff of “Leta”, the staff of SCANDIWEB and to Darja Milova personally, the staff of SIA FIMA and to Inese Lagzdiņa personally.
Thank you for the financial support to the association “Nicole smile”, SIA “InterTax”, the association “” and other partners of the charity project “Let's Warm the Hearts!”!






People donated 35 kg of coins at the Christmas Market in Riga Old Town

Everyone who visited the Christmas Market in Riga Old Town was able to support the charity organisation Palīdzē that will use the donations for social inclusion services for children and young people with special needs. Overall, the market visitors donated almost EUR 1000 or 35 kg of coins that were deposited in Palīdzē account free of charge with the help of Swedbank.
The organisers and partners of the charity project are thankful to everyone who donated!


Christmas event for the children and young people of “Sprīdītis” orphanage


We visited the orphanage “Sprīdītis” in Jurmala for the first time. Through a collaboration with a long-term partner of this orphanage – the association “”, we wanted to bring joy to the orphanage's children and young people. The programme of the event was designed so that the children and young people would be able to spend time together in a fun and cheerful atmosphere, work together, give their best regards to their supporters and feel the Christmas spirit!
Thank you for the warm welcome! We will definitely come visit again!
Thank you to the association “” for the opportunity to get to know these children and young people!
Thank you to “Augļu Serviss” for the mandarins!

Youth Club's New Year's party organised by Palīdzē


Today, in the cheerful atmosphere of Youth Club's New Year's party, organised by Palīdzē, we looked back on the past year and made plans for the new one! We shared the good things that we have experienced and accomplished, but the bad ones burned in the fire. :) Presents and performances, New Year's mandalas with a creative and bright view to the future!

Thank you to our super cool young people!
Thank you to the association “Nicole smile” for the support!
Thank you to Riga Youth Centre “Kaņieris” for the hospitality!
Thank you to Aija Pumpure and the School of Aesthetics “Sparģelītis” for the materials and ideas to create beautiful mandalas.
Thank you for the presents to L’oreal Baltic, Stenders, NIVEA and LAIMA!


Charity project “Give together with Dinamo” of HC Dinamo Riga

HC Dinamo Riga continues its charity activities also during December! During all home games in December, everyone who buys a ticket to a game will do a good deed because EUR 1 from each ticket to a game in December will be donated to children and young people with serious health problems, in need of help from fellow citizens in order to improve their quality of life.

The charity project starts with the game on December 8 (against team TRAKTOR) to help the seventeen-year-old Elīna who has low vision, autism and moderate mental retardation. Dolphin therapy is very important in Elīna's development, and it is possible to help to provide it by joining forces. Therefore, HC Dinamo Riga together with “Palīdzē” encourages fans to combine watching a live game with a good deed.

Support from the funds collected from the game on December 10 (against team NEFTEHIMIK) will be provided to the well-known BMX rider Gustavs Pētersīlis who was injured very seriously a few years ago during training, which resulted in partial paralysis of his body. Gustavs has begun studies at a university and has started an independent life. At the moment, he is in need of an aid to help him move.

The collected funds of the game on December 13 (against team DINAMO Minsk) will be deposited in the charity project “Angels Over Latvia” fund, which is used to support the recovery and rehabilitation process of children with serious medical conditions. The importance of the project “Angels Over Latvia” in improving the lives of our children will be emphasised by lighting a Christmas tree by Arena Riga after the game, where events for families and children will be held before each home game until the end of January.

On December 28, in collaboration with the charity organisation “Palīdzē”, a festive event “Christmas together with HC Dinamo Riga” will take place for 100 children and young people from socially vulnerable groups. Together, we will fulfil the children's dream of real Christmas – with snacks, presents, fun amusements, and the opportunity to watch a live hockey game!


Charity Week in Riga Teika Secondary School

Riga Teika Secondary School in collaboration with charity organisation “Palīdzē” organises Charity Week for the sixth time. This year it will take place on 7 – 11 December. The most important event of the Charity Week – on December 9 at 18:00, a concert will be held at the school's concert hall devoted to the children of pre-school age with special needs from Zālīte Special Boarding-School.

  1. During the campaign:
    from 7 to 11 December, at the school lobby as well as before the concert by the hall's entrance and after the concert there will be an open donation box;
  2. the donation point during the campaign will be open every working day from 7:45 to 8:25 – corpus 2, 2nd floor, room 217 (school's museum room).

All donated things and money will be gifted to the children of pre-school age with special needs from Zālīte Special Boarding-School to bring joy to their hearts during Christmas time.

Organisers of the event: Uldis Tomass Šimens and students of Riga Teika Secondary School.

On the concert day, the school's café will be open until 18:00.


Parents are welcome to donate gently used clothes and shoes of their children!

Children's shoes and clothing online shop SIA “Liberi” and playroom for children “Annels”, in close collaboration with the charity organisation “Palīdzē”, encourage parents to donate their children's gently used shoes and clothing to children in trouble. It will be possible to donate clothing from November 2015 till the end of January 2016 in Annels playgrounds in the major shopping centres in Riga: Alfa, Mols, Dole, Domina Shopping, Sky&More, and Spice.
“Children grow fast and, for some children, foot size can grow even up to three sizes a year. Knowing that there are many children in Latvia left without parental care or to whom their basic needs are not provided in a sufficient amount, especially in rural areas, we wish to help them in some way. Therefore, we encourage parents to participate in this wonderful campaign, because the clothing and shoes that have become too small for their children will fit perfectly to a child in trouble” says Vadims.

“The Week of Good Deeds 2015” has come to an end

“The Week of Good Deeds” has come to an end with a sense of a 'job well done', which was organised by the charity organisation “Palidzē” for the 7th year in a row. This year, 340 good deeds were done during “The Week of Good Deeds”. Help was provided to our fellow men and animals, as well as areas and memorial sites were cleaned up. Summarising the results, the organisers conclude that more than 12,200 Latvian citizens have participated in “The Week of Good Deeds”.

The impressive number of good deeds and the sincerity once more affirms how important it is to help other people, and the people of Latvia are good at it! The participants of “The Week of Good Deeds” have cleaned up many yards, parks, roadsides and memorial sites of Latvia as well as given their warm-heartedness to hundreds of people and furry friends. „Palīdzē” says a big thank you to all the participants for their work and encourages to continue doing good deeds after the end of the campaign.

Good deeds do not end with “The Week of Good Deeds” – they continue on a daily basis!
The good deeds can be viewed at:

See you on “The Week of Good Deeds 2016”!

The players of HC Dinamo Riga visited Piejūra Boarding School during the Week of Good Deeds

The school has consistently been the object of concern of Palīdzē, the social partner of Dinamo Riga, to help raise funds for children’s health improvement therapies and rehabilitation. The said school is attended by children with physical disabilities, however, despite this, the school is very sporty, mainly thanks to its headmaster Juris Skrastiņš.

This afternoon was also intense, as the hockey players took part in sports activities together with the children, and time passed by unnoticed. At the end, everyone had a chance to participate in a session of dog therapy that will be ensured to the children throughout the hockey season thanks to the donation of HC Dinamo Riga.

On February 9 –13, the Head of “Palīdzē” Ilze Skuja participates in the international training in Finland “Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations”

On February 9 –13, the Head of “Palīdzē” Ilze Skuja participates in the international training in Finland “Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations” to gain experience in organising international events for young people from less-favourable environment.

The training is organised within the framework of the programme “Erasmus+ Youth in Action”.

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