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2018 in brief

posted Dec 10, 2018, 8:03 AM by Inese Ratuta

Spring, autumn, 2018

Closing of "The Week of Good Deeds 2018"

We have closed this year’s “Week of Good Deeds” at the Carnikava Basic School with spirited dances and games together with SIA “Jogitas Pasākumi”, as well as attractive performances of our nice artist Elīna Krasovska.

During the week of good deeds larger and smaller works were performed to delight close and unknown people, animals and nature. For now, the information is still being summarised and the works, more than 300 this year involving more than 13,000 participants, are still being registered.
The good deeds were done by pupils, work teams from different industries, as well as united neighbours or residents of nearby houses to enjoy the beautiful autumn, the day spent together in doing good deeds.



Good deeds of the Ādaži School of Arts and Music 

Together with pupils and teachers of the Zālīte Special Basic Boarding School we visited the Ādaži School of Arts and Music. We enjoyed a fantastic concert – music, cartoons made by pupils of Ādaži, shadow plays, dances and any other surprises.

The concert was followed by three master classes, where children of the Zālīte school tried their hand in arts, dance and music master classes.
Delicacies and thanks followed at the of the event.



On the “Week of Good Deeds” we visited the social care centre “Ezerkrasti” 

On the first day of the “Week of Good Deeds” we visited the social care centre “Ezerkrasti”, a place of residence for youths with severe mental and physical development disorders.

For many youths this was a reunification after more than 8 years, while we have met some of them just recently.

It is truly touching how these “big kids” were glad to see each guest, Lion Alex and Lemur Julian from the “House of fairy-tales”, how they enjoyed delicacies and balloons, which flied up from time to time!



Good deed of form 8e of Ādaži Secondary School

The week of good deeds started a new friendship between youths from form 8e of the Ādaži Secondary School and the Foundation “Rīgas pilsētas “Rūpju bērns””.
Pupils from Ādaži devoted one sunny morning to accompany nice people from “Rūpju bērns” having different kinds of restrictions, on an autumn walk to the
Riga Zoo.

This was certainly that moment, when both sides were winners – the youths and the people from “Rūpju bērns”. This was the possibility to break free of the usual day, have a walk in fresh air, positive emotions and the feeling of a truly helping hand for one of them. And completely new experience, possibility to give time, smile and helping hand for the others.



From each participation fee organisers of Women’s Rally will donate to young girls from socially less protected groups

Organisers of Women’s Rally have started cooperation with the charity organisation “Palīdzē” by donating one euro from each team participation fee for the purpose of educating young girls from socially less protected groups.



Dreams come true! October 26


Thanks to the initiative and support provided by the Riga Planning Region, we organised a day camp “Dreams come true!” for children and youths from social care centres and support families.

The youths have spent a lively day by learning, cooperating, making friends, showing their talents and dreaming!




For the tenth year during "The Week of Good Deeds" organised by charity organisation Palīdzē – both the smallest and also experienced doers of good deeds are encouraged to do good deeds making think about each smallest work, which may bring joy and ease daily life of other person, which means so much for that other person, while for You these are just a few moments of giving your helping hand and satisfaction with your deed.

During the "Week of Good Deeds", increased attention is being paid to the help that can be provided without a large financial investment. This may be help to a lonely person or a simple talk, even a smile or a good word may mean so much.

By working together, we can do more good deeds!





Farewell to summer at SSCC “Riga” branch “Teika”

By continuing open events at the State Social Care Centre “Riga” to allow the society to better understand the daily life of the care centre, make the work of the care centre transparent, as well as to promote integration of children from the care centre, on August 22 SSCC “Riga” branch “Teika” organise an pen event “Farewell to summer – Hello school!”.

In a free atmosphere everybody was able to meet children, see their talents and enjoy moments of joy together.


Annual campaign of Palīdzē “School is Calling” has closed

The annual campaign of Palīdzē “School is Calling”, during which we asked our collaboration partners, friends and close people to donate funds and school items to provide the possibility to secure pupils with stationery and other things necessary for school, has closed. A lot of children and youths from social risk families, large families and foster families are still concerned about it - there is a need of so many things, but their resources are limited to prepare for learning of new knowledge.

Therefore, we support the families whose budget is limited to make the beginning of the school year a joyful and expected event – donations will be used to buy school supplies at friendly prices from our collaboration partners.



What are you good for

The first talent competition “What are you good for” for impaired hearing children and children with limited opportunities organised by the Latvian Support Association for Impaired Hearing People and the charity organisation “Palīdzē” has ended. Performance of children, positive mood during the event and looks into the future full of inspiration were just fantastic!




The summer has rushed us by and having enjoyed hot and sunny summer, pupils are waiting for the new school year with impatience. However, a lot of children and youths from social risk families, large families and foster families are concerned about it - there is a need of so many things, but their resources are limited to prepare for learning of new knowledge.

To reduce stress and care when starting school we are asking you, your friends and relatives to support the creation of smart, educated Latvia by donating school items.
By donating money into the "Palīdzē" account, you have an opportunity to provide the necessary school supplies for the students to make the beginning of the school year a joyful and expected event. Donations will be used to buy school supplies at friendly prices from our collaboration partners.




The summer camp “Skulte Landlords 2018” of Palīdzē Youth Club was spent in cheerful games, educating and sports activities and making know each other better! All the five days of the camp passed by in intensive work, accumulating knowledge and promoting contemplations about topical matters.







June 2018

Emotions, feelings, the obtained and the experienced is still in minds of participants of the Butterfly Summers” and in our Butterfly Summers 2018 hearts. These were unforgettable four days full of laughing, positive charges, new skills and findings.

We are so proud about our strong families growing slightly different children. We are also glad that we were able to colour the summer for three youths from the social care centre.

Each camp day brought something new and not experienced before. We tried to fill these days with as many interesting and educational activities for parents and children as we could.





Winter, spring




To gain new experience, skills and ideas in work with youths of the target group, the head of Palīdzē Ilse Skuja participated in international training “Star of Europe”, which was held in Turkey from 13 to 17 February 2018.

The main topics, which were reviewed during the trainings were: organisation, coordination, preparation of project applications for “Erasmus+ Youths in Action” Youth exchange projects. Problems related to the project and their resolution, main stumbling blocks, benefits, Youth pass.

Theoretical knowledge was obtained about a “correctly and perfectly” created and organised Youth exchange project and practical knowledge how to implement it in the most successful way. A range of new cooperation partners has been created, which is very important for the creation of further international joint projects.





Last week, there was another “Brīvbrīdis” class. Together with mothers we shared our sources of inspiration by creating a special collage.
We smelled and tasted the story of Baiba Grīnberga from 
Manas Garšas on spices, their magic abilities, as well the story of Baiba how to start your business and new life only with glint in the eyes.
The big friend of “Brīvbrīdis” 
Marika Ģederte shared her experience and inspired mothers for womanly things and weaknesses.



This event was spent in joy on a sunny-sunny day together with fairy-tale characters from “Jogitas pasākumi”, games, bubbles, candyfloss and glitter-tattoos. We spent a day in talks about our experiences, what we obtained during the project and we made plans for the ability to continue, because every mother had admitted how important these meetings were as they allowed to break free of the daily rush and care for children.   

During project activities children learned different creative techniques, dance steps, snuggled canis therapy dogs, read fairy-tales with actress and singer Vita Baļčunaite, made friends among themselves and with helping volunteers, who unselfishly gave their time and energy to allow mothers to devote the time for activities for themselves. 

Mothers during this cycle of activities met psychotherapist Aina Poiša, had drama therapy under guidance of Anna Šteina, recovered their forces in an art class les by the art therapist Ilse Plūme, developed their communication skills, were preened, got inspiration from the friend of the project Marika Ģederte and nutrition specialist Baiba Grīnberga (story) and the main thing – shared their experiences.




The improved Stūrīšu Street was opened with a slogan “I smile to you!” and bright children’s drawings in the same place near T/P Alfa to ensure convenient access to the multi-storey parking during extension construction works. The previous access to the multi-storey parking from Stāmerienas Street has been closed. Drivers are invited to use the new access road to access the multi-storey parking with comfort.

Joyful chatter of kids and colourful drawings in chalk on asphalt revived the new street at its opening ceremony, where the main guests, thanks to support of the charity organisation was 35 pupils of Zālīte Special Boarding School. To be allowed to make first steps on the improved street, the children had to guess the password “I smile to you!”, and they faces brightened when the guessed it.



  COLORS OF DIVERSITY, 27.04.-3.05.2018

Nitra, Slovakia

To gain new experience, knowledge, exchange opinions and get ideas for work with youths of the target group, the head of Palīdzē Laura and two volunteers from the organisation Monta and Dana, participated in international Erasmus + programme training “Colors of Diversity”, which was held from 27 April to 3 May 2018 in Slovakia, Nitra.

With participation of eight member states (Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Macedonia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, France) human rights were reviewed and an intercultural dialogue was promoted during the training.




For youths to get as diverse experience as possible, learn new skills, live a healthy and sporty life we attempted to accept more and more new challenges! Youths of Palīdzē participated in the X Baltic states open championship in swimming for old masters “The Rigas Amber cup 2018”.



The most valuable thing we can give to others – both big and small – is our smile, time, positive energy and skills. We – Palīdzē – are very glad that the goal of the today’s charity day of WorldVentures Foundation was the same – to give moments full of joy to children with special needs we see around and to their mothers, as well as kids from the children’s home “Imanta”.

The joy of mothers was to devote a couple of hours to themselves and to talks with a socioemotional skills trainer Maira Dzene, while children got creative and sports activities, as well as endless delicacies and the rain of gifts.