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Activities in July

posted Aug 18, 2015, 5:50 AM by Renāte Robežniece   [ updated Aug 18, 2015, 5:50 AM ]


From 2011 to 2013, 18 nongovernmental organizations came together at the shopping mall Origo with a purpose to make a network, to collaborate and to popularize the role of the nongovernmental organizations, civil participation, and volunteering with a slogan “A matter of honour to be a volunteer!" During that time, there were only active discussions in Latvia regarding the necessity of having the Law on Volunteering. Now, four years later the law is adopted and will come into force in 2016.


The Interactive Volunteering Forum “Volunteering Platform” will take place on July 30 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the shopping mall Origo. One of its goals is to reunite associations and foundations which work with the social groups and involve them in their activities on the daily basis. By help of interactive and creative workshops and information, we’ll talk not only about volunteering, but also about the ability of each individual of our society to get involved in the growth of various areas of life of our Latvia (including also Europe and the world), about not being indifferent, participation, sharing positive things, volunteering. There will be 12 nongovernmental organizations of various generations in the forum. Visitors will have a possibility to acquire new skills, to find out information, to try the Big games and dances of different cultures. Gifted children and young people, popular and determined artists will perform on the Origo Summerstage. The forum will be hosted by volunteers Veronika and musician Andris Kivičs.


The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, subprograms “Nongovernmental Organization Project Program" of the program "NGO Fund" of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.







July, 2015.

An event “Active Adventure in Nature” was organized in early July in Pāvilosta for the children and young people from socially disadvantaged groups.
20 children and young people from various regions of Latvia went to Pāvilosta for 3 days to do actively sports, while improving communication and cooperation skills, learning new sport and active lifestyle opportunities, getting acquainted with the Latvian nature and cultural history.


We would like to thank for the opportunity to accomplish this adventure:
Society “Nicole Smile for financial support!

Ivo Blūms for organizational work and welcome!

Guest house-restaurant “Āķagals” for delicious lunch!

LCC “Augļu serviss” for fruit and vegetables.

“Meat Processing Company NĀKOTNE” for picnic sausages!

LLC “Fazer Latvija” for bread!

JSC “Laima” for sweets and treats!

JSC “Aldaris” for drinking water!

Mārtiņa Beķereja” for delicious pastries and pies!

Wakepark “WAKE Das Crocodill” for the exciting day!

We would like to thank Dzintars Zamarītis and the family for their warm welcome and smoked fish!






“Palīdzē” with the support of LLC “Avantex” organized a boat trip down the Salaca river for the young people who actively participated in the individual and joint practices and achieved good results in Lattelecom Riga Marathon, as well as showed good school results at the end of the school year.

We boated down the scenic Salaca river between Salacgrīva and Ainaži, stayed over the night near the Red Rocks enjoying silence, piece and the beautiful nature.

Such events are very important especially for the young people from socially disadvantaged groups as they can learn collaboration, communication and social skills, importance of a healthy and active life style, have motivation for further goals.


Inexpressible thanks to “Lāču Laivas” for hospitality, boats, transport, responsiveness and help! Everything was so nice and good!

The boat trip could not be imaginable without coach Pēteris, who gave leading guidance, instructed in safe boating, helped in all unexpected situations, made fantastic tea and took part in youth evening conversations! Many thanks to Pēteris Naglis!

We would like to express our gratitude to our collaboration partners:

LLC “Augļu serviss” for fruit and vegetables.

“Meat Processing Company NĀKOTNE” for picnic sausages!

LLC “Fazer Latvija” for bread!

JSC “Laima” for sweets and treats!

JSC “Aldaris” for drinking water!





Equine therapy sessions of this year were successfully completed on 21 May 2015 thanks to the financial support provided by our collaboration partner “Palīdzē” and co-funding for transport and organizational expenses provided by Piejūras boarding school.

The sessions were attended by 6 students (4 students with movement disorders and 2 “C” class children).

There were 4 children participating in one session. The sessions were held once a week on Thursdays, duration of a riding session for one child was 20 minutes.


The sessions were held at the stable “Ekvi” of Marina Žagata’s farm “Rasas” in Carnikava municipality. Phone 26538895, 29249781. Equine therapy sessions were conducted by a certified equine therapist Iveta Seberga. There were in total 13 sessions from 8.01.2015 to 21.05.2015.


During the sessions, the children communicated with a horse at the stable – in accordance with their skills and abilities they helped groom the horse, prepare it for the session. There was an individual exercise complex developed for each child (developed by an equine therapist) starting from the third session. The exercises were performed in accordance with child’s abilities and his/her level of readiness, developing balance, movement skills, flexibility. Following the progress, the exercises were changed and more difficult elements were added. Each child had positive dynamic after the sessions. Due to the body temperature of a horse (it is higher than that of a human) and movements, stretching of lower extremities adductors, as well as reducing of leg spasticity were ensured. The students with movement disorders in particular felt it by having sense of easiness in their lower extremities for several hours after the session. Supplementary aids – balls, stretching ropes for performing exercises - used during the sessions contributed to balance and movement coordination, as well as improved posture.

The children from class “C” improved their communication skills both with the people and animals. They became more outgoing, less worried about the matters of secondary importance, they were glad after the sessions, and it was a great achievement.

The sessions were held in an enclosed area with a possibility to go to the forest every second session. The children helped feed and groom the horse after the sessions.

As a result of equine therapy, a rider has physical, psychological and social improvements. Psychological and social factors are transferred also to his/her neighbours.

It is especially good for the children as they learn in a pleasant way to take care of another living being and to build interaction with it, of course, the animal should be suitable, and both the animal and the child have to learn to get on and to work together.