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Activities of August-September

posted Oct 7, 2015, 1:04 AM by Renāte Robežniece
Visiting the Dailes Theatre to see the play “Peter Pan” and attend the event “Celebrate the start of the new school year at the Dailes Theatre together with Peter Pan!”

Dailes Theatre presents a wonderful opportunity – to see children’s play “Peter Pan” and attend the event “Celebrate the start of the new school year at the Dailes Theatre together with Peter Pan!” – for 54 children from foster families, large families and families at social risk. Thank you!




Charity sale at Deglava Street 67, parking lot of the shopping centre Maxima XXX, during the Green fair!

Charity sale on August 29 at Deglava Street 67, parking lot of the shopping centre Maxima XXX, during the Green fair!

You are welcome to support artists, handicraft masters, and businesses supporting charity and buy their wonderful works of art and products!

All proceeds will go towards improving the health of the children taken care of by the charity organisation “Palīdzē”.

We would like to thank the following companies and people for their donations and support:
“Filca Čības”, “M’art baby”, “BIZ-BIZ”, Evita Kapteine, Marta Gailuma, Daina, Daiga Atkočūna, Agris Kazušs, Rita Žukova, Zeltīte Banvale, Svetlana, Viktorija Kasara.




Landlords of Skulte 2015

This year, the camp of “Palīdzē” Youth Club was organized for the fifth year atSkulte Manor. The camp will be attended by children from foster families, families at social risk, large families and special schools.

In total, around 20 members gathered in Riga from all over Latvia early in the morning to go to Skulte. The camp program was designed taking into account the fact that the participants will be of different ages and they will have different abilities of getting involved. However, as in all of our events, the program was carefully planned and the participants acquired new useful skills and knowledge through non-formal education methods.


The camp was visited by many guests who presented the participants with a variety of interesting things and activities – dish painting taught by artist Inga, henna drawing masterclass together with a photographer – artist Svetlana from Moscow, psychology games on recognition of emotions together with our long-time friend – psychologist Marija Ābeltiņa. On one of the camp days, we were visited by singer Liene Šomase, who inspired the youth for new achievements and challenges with her positive example. One of the most exciting activities was the visit of the improvisational theatre „Spiediens” (Pressure), during which the youth created improvisational games together with the improvisers.


One evening at the camp was dedicated to sports. After warming up by weeding a path, the youth waited for the feature of the evening – sports track with Leno Bramanis – with excitement.


We also visited the Gutman’s cave, Krimulda Manor and Sigulda city, where photographer Nora Krevņeva pleased us with a unique “photo session”!


Sincere thanks to all the supporters, without whom it would be impossible to organize this camp!

The biggest thanks to the financial supporter of the camp – Ivars Siliņš!

Thanks to Jānis, owner of the guest house „Skultes muiža” (Skulte Manor), and cook Sigita!

Thanks to “ABLV Charitable foundation” for the financial support!
Thanks to photographers Nora Krevņeva and Svetlana Čertkova for the amazing photos!
Thanks to L’Oreal Baltic Ltd. for the interesting lecture and presents!
Thanks to “Gaļas pārstrādes uzņēmums Nākotne” for the picnic sausages!
Thanks to Fazer Latvija Ltd. for the bread and snacks!
Thanks to “Augļu serviss” for the fruits and vegetables!
Thanks to “Ādažu čipsi” for the snacks!
Thanks to “RITO” network of dish and kitchenware stores for the donated dishes for our creative workshops!
Thanks to web-store “” for the board games and sports equipment!
Thanks to “Abi2” for the camp flag!
Thanks to JSC “Laima” for the sweets and ice cream!
Thanks to JSC “Aldaris” for the drinking water!

Cooperation with the youth will be continued. In case you want to support the Youth Club, contact us!



Active adventure in nature. Pāvilosta II

August 2015.

We enjoyed the hospitality of Pāvilosta a lot, so in August, concluding the season of summer activities, we decided to go on an exciting journey back to this quiet and picturesque town on the coast of the Baltic Sea together with another group of children and young people.

The adventure of Pāvilosta took place on three beautiful, sunny summer days at the beach. 

The adventure included numerous activities related to water sports, and the youth could not wait to start the adventure. At the end of the day full of sports activities, the participants were treated to smoked fish and taught the secrets of fishing and smoking of fish by Pāvilosta fisherman Dzintars Zamarītis. The active evening was concluded with a creative master class led by artist Gundega, who taught how to make dream catchers.


During our adventure, we had many pleasant surprises, and one of them was an educational tour led by Vaira Kārkliņa, who taught us about using wild plants in the diet, and a tasting of various delicacies made from wild plants.


Thanks for the warm reception and to all supporters for helping to create this beautiful event!

Welfare Department of Riga City Council for the financial support!
SJSC “Latvijas Loto” for the financial support!
Ivo and Gundega Blūmi for the organizational work, reception and creative master class!
Guesthouse-restaurant “Āķagals” for the delicious lunch!
Augļu serviss Ltd. for the fruits and vegetables!
“Gaļas pārstrādes uzņēmums Nākotne” for the picnic sausages!
Fazer Latvija Ltd. for the bread!
JSC “Laima” for the sweets and snacks!
JSC “Aldaris” for the drinking water!
“Mārtiņa Beķereja” the delicious pastries and patties!
Wakepark “WAKE Das Crocodill” for the exciting day!
Dzintars Zamarītis and his family for the warm reception and smoked fish!
Vaira Kārkliņa for the exciting tour in the world of meadow and forest delicacies!




Environmental camp “We in the nature, the nature around us 2015”

On August 11-13,the Environmental camp at Skulte Manor brought together children and young people with special needs from all over Latvia to a 3-day camp supported by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.

The camp was intended to improve the participants’ knowledge of environmental issues, therefore it was visited by a lot of different and interesting guests able to share a lot of environmental wisdom. In addition to classes on environmental studies, the participants were given the opportunity to acquire communication, collaboration and socialization skills, which is very important for these children and young people.


We are very thankful to the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund for the opportunity to organize this camp!

We would also like to thank the rest of the supporters: “Fazer Latvija”, “L’oreal Latvija”, “Stenders”, “Ādažu čipsi”, “Augļu serviss”, “Vishy”, “Veiters”, “”, and “Laima”!




An exciting day for the children and young people of “Palīdzē” together with “Euro Live Technologies”!


The end of summer event on a sunny Saturday of September at Skulte Manor once again brought together “Palīdzē”, this time, with the employees of “Euro Live Technologies”, to spend an exciting and positive day with the children and young people of “Palīdzē”.


Our friends had prepared a homework – T-shirt stencilling, which, in couple of minutes, turned into a fun activity for both adults and children. After sports activities and a delicious lunch at Skulte Manor, we continued the day in a peaceful atmosphere of art, painting dishes and decorating them in découpage technique. The dishes will be sent to charity sales to bring happiness with their positive idea, perhaps, to you.

You are welcome to follow the example of good practice! In case your company wants to support similar activities, please contact us!






“WEEK OF GOODS DEEDS 2015” from August 12 to August 18


The website of the “Week of Goods Deeds”

For the seventh year, the charity organisation “Palīdzē” is organizing the event “Week of Goods Deeds” – a week, when we are trying to be very active in doing goods deeds and urging others to do the same. “Week of Goods Deeds 2015” is the beginning of preparations for the centenary of Latvia, and it is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Youth Action Committee for Latvian National Centenary and the Ministry of Education and Science.


Invite others to join your deeds and publish information about your planned deed!

When the good deed is finished, inform other people about it by adding a description and photos!

If you know someone in need of help, feel free to write to:  [email protected], and we will be able to help together!

Get inspired! Look at the good deeds registered last year.

When working together, more good deeds can be done!