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April - July 2017

posted Aug 15, 2017, 4:08 AM by Renāte Robežniece


Already very soon schools will invite their pupils for the new school year to acquire new knowledge and wisdom again. Unfortunately, for many children and young people from social risk families, large families and foster families approaching of the new school year raises concerns – so much has to be acquired, but there is shortage of funds.

We invite you, your friends and relatives to support creating of smart and educated Latvia by donating items necessary for school.

By donating funds into the account of “Palīdzē” you can provide pupils with stationery and other things necessary for school to make starting of school year a happy and awaited event. Donated funds will be used to acquire items necessary for school for friendly prices from cooperation partners.

Let's fill school bags together!

How can you help:

– By donating funds into the organization account
Foundation “Palīdzē”, Unified reg. No. 40008137568
Address: Kr.Valdemāra Street 118, Riga
Payment details: JSC “SEB banka”, LV90UNLA0050013761397,
With an indication – for the campaign “School Calls!” or here

– To make a call to the charity number 90006888 and donate 1.42 EUR

By placing a donation box in your organization, for collecting things useful for school*
The campaign period: from 1 August to 31 August. The progress of the project and spending of donations can be followed on our homepage and on social networks!

– To donate items necessary for school*, and to participate in charity activities during games of HC “Dinamo Rīga” within the framework of “Latvijas Dzelzceļš Cup” from 13-17 August, in Arena Riga, at “Palīdzē” charity stand.


* Items necessary for school: pencils, erasers, pens (blue, coloured), coloured pencils, felt-tipped pens, liners, PVA glue, glue sticks, scissors, pencil sharpeners, A4 drawing paper blocks, watercolour paper blocks, paintbrushes, gouache colours; watercolours, crayons (simple, pastel, wax), plasticine, construction paper, coloured cardboard, glossy glue. Exercise books (squared, lined), notebooks (squared thin, squared thick, lined), music books, compasses, transporters, markers, sticky notes. Sports clothing, footwear and sports inventory.


Forest School (Meža skola)

July 2017

In early July we went for a two-day hiking in the forest together with 25 young people of various age from socially vulnerable groups, who had come from all around Latvia.

Thanks to the experienced hiking leader LENO, even at moments when it seemed that we are lost in the thick forest and are walking in a circle, we felt safe and secure, because Leno can give a sense of confidence and safety.

To promote decisiveness and logic thinking, and to stimulate working in a team, the group leader allowed to choose the hiking direction ourselves, without even showing the right direction, when we came to a deadlock. In order to make the hiking even more interesting, various team consolidation tasks were given throughout the hiking, and we also learned various methods for defending ourselves when facing “bad people”.

Tired, exhausted, but full of impressions and having made new friends we returned to Riga to dive into new exciting adventures some other time again.


Closing event of the social integration project “Together We Can!” (“Kopā varam!”)


With lively and fun games organized by “Jogitas pasākumi”, bubbles, candy floss and glitter tattoos in “Skultes muiža” we finalized the social integration project “Together We Can!” supported by “Latvijas valsts meži”. At the closing event we looked back at the achievements, creating a joint natural materials mandala and “thanks” palms for supporters.

During 11 classes of the project, family links were strengthened, creativity of parents and children was developed, daring to express one's opinion, as well as communication and cooperation skills were improved.  Several classes for children took place separately from parents, so that mothers could fully engage into the charm of classes. For example, while children created clay fortune buttons together with ceramist Una Ļaha, their mothers had a meeting with the charismatic psychotherapist Aina Poiša. In its turn, while celebrating the Mother's Day, mothers were pampered by beauty masters, while their children enjoyed canistherapy. Kaspars' photo story here.

During another class children had a sand therapy session managed by „Smilšu kino”, whereas their mothers tried their skills in improvisational theatre together with Juris Kozlovskis from the improvisational show Spiediens

In one of the last classes children worked together with art therapist Diāna Serga, creating works of art from plasticine. At the same time, their mothers explored France and its charm – dishes, music, beverages, culture and history, as well as learned a few basic phrases in French.

At the end of the project we realized, how important and significant it is to take care not only of well-being and development of children, but also of their mothers – so that they are not forgotten, could take a breath in their daily run and feel appreciated!



Celebrating the Mother's Day


On 10 May, within the framework of the social rehabilitation project “Together We Can” (“Kopā varam!”), supported by LatvijasValstsMeži, in LNK Group “Valdemāra biroji” and Palīdzē centre, fragrance of eye shade palettes, nail polish, powder and other feminine aromas were in the air. Celebrating the Mother's Day, our great voluntary beauty masters Dana, Stefa (Crème de la Crème Beauty studio), Ramona, as well as Kārlis from L’Oreal Baltic gave an opportunity to mothers of children with special needs to enjoy beauty pleasures. Shining in the eyes of mothers proved, that they have a fantastic evening. Since mothers spend 24 hours a day with their children with special needs, frequently they don't have time for themselves.  Therefore, we wanted to create festive atmosphere for mothers, pamper them with feminine pleasures and remind them, that, first of all, each of them is a WOMAN, and how important it is to feel good and satisfied with themselves. It seemed, that this day reminded for each of them, how important it is to find a little bit more time and pay more attention to themselves during their daily busyness.

While enjoying the touch of make-up artist's brush, each mother separately could find out their topical and individually suitable hints to look even more beautiful and brilliant.  Whereas Kārlis shared his knowledge on how to dye and take care of hair at home, saving time and money. The magic powder of manicurist Ramona will help mothers' nails to look good for several weeks. Our young specialists Madara and Alise drew beautiful henna drawings, which will keep memories about this day alive for a long time.

While their mothers indulged in pampering, children could caress and become friends with the white beauties from Gentle Dog – Dog Therapy!

Opening of personal exhibition of the paralysed Mareks, who draws holding the brush in his mouth

On the afternoon of 17 May, the charity organisation “Palīdzē”, in the hospitable premises of “Noliktava Nr.3”, organized already the second personal exhibition/auction of paintings by Mareks Odumiņš, during which visitors could view these special paintings, meet the artist himself, and buy any of the paintings, so that Mareks could have rehabilitation in Estonia for the obtained funds, which significantly helps to improve his health condition. During the exhibition opening event, 14 out of 17 Mareks' paintings were sold; however, none of them went to their new home yet, because the exhibition of Mareks' paintings will be displayed on the first floor of the S/C “Mols” from 22 May until 5 June. Mareks' desire is that his paintings are observed by as many people as possible, so that they could find inspiration for positive perception of life.
Mareks is completely paralysed and can himself move only facial muscles. He is positive, joyful, full of optimism and belief, that everything will go well, if he wishes it and strives for it. Mareks not only has positive thinking, but he also proves it by his deeds – he paints, holding the brush in his mouth, and his paintings are fantastic!

The exhibition opening was a very emotional moment both for the artist himself and for guests of the exhibition. Mareks can inspire everyone for good deeds! The young man expressed his gratitude to all of his supporters and friends for support, assistance and always being next to him. As Mareks says: “If there are 100 reasons to cry, I will find 1000 reasons to be happy, and you can take my legs and arms away, but you'll never take away my smile and my desire to paint!” The exhibition opening was led by Andris Kivičs and the musical accompaniment was ensured by DJ KOZY (Jānis Kozlovskis). The special surprise of the exhibition opening was the visit of the band “Prāta Vētra” and the singer Marija Naumova, as well as video greetings from the singer Dons. Among guests of the event were Mareks' friends, relatives, supporters and fans of his talent.
Mareks and Palīdzē are grateful to all guests, who were with us at this exhibition opening ceremony.

World Ventures Foundation Baltic Volunteer day


On 1 April, we spent an exciting day at the Guest House “Skultes muiža” together with our friends from World Ventures Foundation.  This time our “white friends” came not only from Latvia, but also from Estonia.
We had a great time, doing good deeds – preparing the manor for summer camps, having joyful conversations and attractive games.
This day was especially joyful for young people from the SSCC “Teika”, who spend their daily lives in the social care centre.