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BIKRAM YOGA supports us!

posted Jul 13, 2011, 8:49 AM by Inese Ratuta

You can do a good work for yourself and the others! By visiting the class of Bikram yoga for donations on Saturday, June 18th and July 2nd at 12.15 p.m. you can help in organizing the camp for young people from social risk families, as well as young people with special needs.  The camp is organized by the charity organization Palīdzē More about the camp you can read here:


For the special classes we are kindly asking to sign on because the number of places is limited, phone number: +371 67131111 or mobile+371 29131111!


Bikram yoga is a specially developed complex with 26 hatha yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises which is performed at +40,6 degree temperature and 40 degree humidity, it lasts precisely 90 minutes. The poses are always performed in the same order in order to exercise systematically all body parts during the class.


In the hot and humid room of the class:

·        the body warms up and becomes more flexible

·        it is easier to make stretching exercises

·        decreases the possibility to get any trauma


Bikram yoga in a unique way affects the body, mind and spirit. By exercising Bikram yoga regularly the results are reached in a surprisingly short time:

·        all body muscles strengthen

·        physical strength and endurance increases

·        stress reduces

·        the discomfort from traumas and problems from chronic illnesses decreases

·        weight reduces

·        health and feelings improve

·        widens the borders of self abilities

·        the  ability to concentrate increases

·        energy reserves renew and accumulate


More info about Bikram Yoga :