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Events in February- May 2016

posted May 17, 2016, 4:00 AM by Renāte Robežniece

Lending a hand at Ulubele



Visiting animal shelter “Ulubele” has become a tradition of Palīdzē Youth Club.

This time, together with our friends from WorldVentures Foundation, the visit was very special as we helped at the shelter on May 4 – the day of restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia – and this was our present for Latvia!

The day was full of events – when arriving at the shelter, we listened to the shelter rules and instructions in order to obtain volunteer licenses that will let us visit the shelter in the future to continue doing good deeds. After the briefing, we split into a number of teams and started working – we cleaned the dog kennels, filled the holes dug by dogs, cleaned the animal cages, piled up boards, raked leaves, and took our furry friends for a walk. There were a lot of helpers, the work went smoothly, and, at the end of the day, we went on a picnic, enjoying the beautiful day.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the event – producer of dog snacks “Dailes” – for donated snacks for animals.
We would also like to thank “Fazer”, “Laima”, “Nākotne”, “Ādažu čipsi”, “Augļu serviss”, “Greta”, and “Vichy” for food, dishes and drinks for the picnic!





WV Foundation Volunteer day – a charity day, when we will visit animal shelter Ulubele together with the children and youth of Palīdzē for some spring clean-up work, having a pithy day full of positive emotions. Everyone will have an opportunity to take our furry friends for a walk. A picnic and a sunny day await us!




The final show of the season of “Pasaulē Labākais Improvizācijas Teātris” (World’s Best Improvisation Theatre)

The final show of the season of “Pasaulē Labākais Improvizācijas Teātris” (World’s Best Improvisation Theatre). Donation entrance fee for summer camps of the children and youth of Palīdzē


Spring event of Palīdzē Youth Club

Photo donation: Svetlana Čertkova

We are overjoyed and grateful to the “LNK group” and “LNK Charity fund” for the bring our long-cherished dream of Palīdzē Centre to life, where we will be able to work with children, young people and volunteers.

On April 9, the first event of the Youth Club will take place on the premises of Palīdzē Centre.
We did a lot:
– we consecrated, cleaned and furnished the premises of the Centre.
– we had an informal discussion about young people’s opportunities to take part in the projects of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme, and the final conclusion was – we have to look for reliable partners to implement the youth exchange project together. Young people are motivated and obsessed with the new idea!
– three very active young girls of the Club presented their first approved project “ES+TU=SPĒKS” (ME+YOU=POWER) submitted to the Riga Youth Initiative Contest.
– we enjoyed the magic of dance together with JVclubs Dance Company.

We would like to thankVairāk saules for the tasty pizzas and LAIMA for the sweets!

Thanks to Svetlana Chertkova for the photos!
We would also like to thank our super cool young people for this day and the housewarming snacks!
We are here for you – you are here for us!


Swap Old for New!

For the 14th year in a row, RITO launches charity campaign Swap Old for New together with Palīdzē on April 1.






We are happy about the fantastic moments of joy that we enjoyed together with the kids of Riga Special Primary Boarding School No. 5 and Six Senses International Preschool.

Photo donation: Rolfs Vendiņš

We are happy about the fantastic moments of joy that we enjoyed together with the kids of Riga Special Primary Boarding School No. 5 and Six Senses International Preschool. We would like to thank the nice staff of Mezaparks Six Senses International Preschool who organized a charity fair at their school in order to collect funds for this wonderful purpose – an unforgettable day full of adventure for the children of the neighbouring special school.
A special thanks to our friends – Dinamo Rīga – who provide financial support for implementation of such social integration measures. We would also like to thank the energetic and warm-hearted staff of LLC “Jogitas Pasākumi” for bringing joy to the little hearts!





WorldVentures Foundation visits Piejura Primary Boarding School


We visited Piejura Primary Boarding School together with WorldVentures Foundation on March 3. School literally pulsed with positive emotions and creativity :). There are 60 children and young people with different types of functional and mental disabilities attending the school as well as children and young people with behavioural disorders.

The member of WorldVentures Foundation had four creative workshops together with the children. In one of the workshops, we sowed grass in pots that we decorated, so that everyone would have something to take care of and so that the grass is green, bushy and beautiful by Easter. This turned into a “black earth therapy” for children with more severe diagnoses – children worked with black earth, pouring it from one container into another and tirelessly did this for almost an hour, which surprised their teachers.
Another workshop was devoted to making fun balloon faces, while the next one – making Easter eggs from yarn and threads. The most creative workshop was devoted to making a variety of Easter decorations, involving a lot of creativity, imagination, and most importantly – loads of fun!
At the same time, the older children and young people participated actively in the games workshop, which was attractively led by the main organizer of the event and our friend – Ieva Garjāne.
We concluded the event with a party and feasting on the fruits and sweets brought by the guests and donated by “Laima”. Incredibly huge thanks to all the participants for this day! WorldVentures Foundation is an international organisation that has been helping children all over the world since 2010.




Palīdzē Youth Club at Zagarkalns

February 2016

It has become our tradition to go on a winter trip to Zagarkalns (this was the fourth year in a row) to enjoy winter pleasures – skiing and snowboarding. Eight out of 20 young people tried skiing for the first time and they all liked it. They liked it so much that we want to go there again next week!

Skiing is not just for entertainment or leisure. Such events improve young people’s physical fitness as well as their cooperation and mutual communication and socialization skills, which are often very poorly developed.

We would like to say sincere thanks to “Žagarkalns” for the instructors, equipment and ski lift tickets!

We would also like to thank “Vecrīgas Ziemassvētku tirdziņš” for financial support!

Thank you to ever so helpful “Jurobuss” and driver Juris!

Thank you to “Laima” for sweets!

In our opinion, work with young people is important for their further development, which is an invaluable benefit not only for young people themselves and their families, but for the society as a whole.





Visiting Bauska Municipal Social Service

February 2016

Who said that Christmas is only once a year?! In early February, we went to Bauska Municipal Social Service, taking donated gifts, fun games and creative activities with us and bringing together 12 families at social risk.

Children and their parents welcomed us with pleasure. We worked together in workshops, where we created artistic decorations, photo frames for shared moments and mandalas, which reflected current feelings of children and parents.

The highlight of the event, of course, was the gift-giving, which, like at Christmas, would not be complete without performances prepared by the families.

The event was concluded with feasting on snacks and sweets of “Laima”, “Ādažu Čipsi”, and “Mārtiņa Beķereja”. “Could this day get any better?” :), three-year-old Marta whispered to us.

It was a great pleasure to spend this day together and fill it with positive emotions!

Thank you for the presents to L’oreal Baltic, Stenders, Veiters, EGMONT LATVIA, JUNGNET, LAIMA and MĀRTIŅA BEĶEREJA!

Thank you to Aija Pumpure and the School of Aesthetics “Sparģelītis” for the materials and ideas for creating the beautiful mandalas.

Thank you for the presents to the staff of SCANDIWEB and to Darja Milova personally, the staff of LLC FIMA and to Inese Lagzdiņa and Jana Kalnāre personally.