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Events: November, 2015- February 2016

posted Mar 1, 2016, 4:24 AM by Renāte Robežniece

Christmas event at Children's Science & Curiosity centre “Wonders”

Photo donation: Nora Krevņeva

During the last days of December, we invited children and young people who we meet on a daily basis as well as children and young people from our partners – associations of Jelgava, Bauska, Eleja, Kuldiga, and Iecava to a Christmas event at the Children's Science & Curiosity centre “Wonders”.
200 children and young people from different cities of Latvia explored and enjoyed the wonders of this day. The children and young people got acquainted with the centre and its interactive exposition, which is based on the principles of physics. After the interesting lessons, we had fun playing around, singing songs and dancing with Snow White and other fairytale characters brought by our wonderful partner “Jogitas pasākumi”. Of course, the most anticipated event of the day was Santa and his presents!
Afterwards, there were delicious pizzas from “Vairāk Saules” and mandarins from “Augļu Serviss”!

The biggest thank you for the opportunity to organise this event to:
The association “
SIA “Inter Tax”, Marlene and Andreas Kiep.
The association “Nicole smile”
Thank you to “Augļu serviss” for the mandarins and “Vairāk saules” for the special discounts on pizzas!
Thank you to Children's Science & Curiosity centre “Wonders” for the hospitality!
Thank you to our photographer Nora Krevņeva!


Christmas presents and events within the framework of the charity project “Let's Warm the Hearts!”

The children who could not participate in the Christmas events organised by Palīdzē for various reasons, received their presents through “Santa's Christmas post” thanks to our wonderful partner “Pasta stacija”! You brought so many presents that the elves will be busy until February! :)

At the start of the new school semester, on January 4th, we went to visit Piejūra Boarding School to greet the children and young people with presents!

In addition, on the 2nd and 3rd of January, thanks to our friends from “Jogitas pasākumi”, we were able to bring joy to children from Līkumi and Laubere orphanages.

A big thank you to each and every one who participated and helped to bring the joy of Christmas!
This Christmas we have done real wonders – brought joy to more than 550 children from all over Latvia!
Thank you for the presents to L’oreal Baltic, Stenders, Veiters, NIVEA, LAIMA, AUGĻU SERVISS!
Thank you for the presents to the staff of “Leta”, the staff of SCANDIWEB and to Darja Milova personally, the staff of SIA FIMA and to Inese Lagzdiņa personally.
Thank you for the financial support to the association “Nicole smile”, SIA “InterTax”, the association “” and other partners of the charity project “Let's Warm the Hearts!”!






People donated 35 kg of coins at the Christmas Market in Riga Old Town

Everyone who visited the Christmas Market in Riga Old Town was able to support the charity organisation Palīdzē that will use the donations for social inclusion services for children and young people with special needs. Overall, the market visitors donated almost EUR 1000 or 35 kg of coins that were deposited in Palīdzē account free of charge with the help of Swedbank.
The organisers and partners of the charity project are thankful to everyone who donated!


Christmas event for the children and young people of “Sprīdītis” orphanage


We visited the orphanage “Sprīdītis” in Jurmala for the first time. Through a collaboration with a long-term partner of this orphanage – the association “”, we wanted to bring joy to the orphanage's children and young people. The programme of the event was designed so that the children and young people would be able to spend time together in a fun and cheerful atmosphere, work together, give their best regards to their supporters and feel the Christmas spirit!
Thank you for the warm welcome! We will definitely come visit again!
Thank you to the association “” for the opportunity to get to know these children and young people!
Thank you to “Augļu Serviss” for the mandarins!

Youth Club's New Year's party organised by Palīdzē


Today, in the cheerful atmosphere of Youth Club's New Year's party, organised by Palīdzē, we looked back on the past year and made plans for the new one! We shared the good things that we have experienced and accomplished, but the bad ones burned in the fire. :) Presents and performances, New Year's mandalas with a creative and bright view to the future!

Thank you to our super cool young people!
Thank you to the association “Nicole smile” for the support!
Thank you to Riga Youth Centre “Kaņieris” for the hospitality!
Thank you to Aija Pumpure and the School of Aesthetics “Sparģelītis” for the materials and ideas to create beautiful mandalas.
Thank you for the presents to L’oreal Baltic, Stenders, NIVEA and LAIMA!


Charity project “Give together with Dinamo” of HC Dinamo Riga

HC Dinamo Riga continues its charity activities also during December! During all home games in December, everyone who buys a ticket to a game will do a good deed because EUR 1 from each ticket to a game in December will be donated to children and young people with serious health problems, in need of help from fellow citizens in order to improve their quality of life.

The charity project starts with the game on December 8 (against team TRAKTOR) to help the seventeen-year-old Elīna who has low vision, autism and moderate mental retardation. Dolphin therapy is very important in Elīna's development, and it is possible to help to provide it by joining forces. Therefore, HC Dinamo Riga together with “Palīdzē” encourages fans to combine watching a live game with a good deed.

Support from the funds collected from the game on December 10 (against team NEFTEHIMIK) will be provided to the well-known BMX rider Gustavs Pētersīlis who was injured very seriously a few years ago during training, which resulted in partial paralysis of his body. Gustavs has begun studies at a university and has started an independent life. At the moment, he is in need of an aid to help him move.

The collected funds of the game on December 13 (against team DINAMO Minsk) will be deposited in the charity project “Angels Over Latvia” fund, which is used to support the recovery and rehabilitation process of children with serious medical conditions. The importance of the project “Angels Over Latvia” in improving the lives of our children will be emphasised by lighting a Christmas tree by Arena Riga after the game, where events for families and children will be held before each home game until the end of January.

On December 28, in collaboration with the charity organisation “Palīdzē”, a festive event “Christmas together with HC Dinamo Riga” will take place for 100 children and young people from socially vulnerable groups. Together, we will fulfil the children's dream of real Christmas – with snacks, presents, fun amusements, and the opportunity to watch a live hockey game!


Charity Week in Riga Teika Secondary School

Riga Teika Secondary School in collaboration with charity organisation “Palīdzē” organises Charity Week for the sixth time. This year it will take place on 7 – 11 December. The most important event of the Charity Week – on December 9 at 18:00, a concert will be held at the school's concert hall devoted to the children of pre-school age with special needs from Zālīte Special Boarding-School.

  1. During the campaign:
    from 7 to 11 December, at the school lobby as well as before the concert by the hall's entrance and after the concert there will be an open donation box;
  2. the donation point during the campaign will be open every working day from 7:45 to 8:25 – corpus 2, 2nd floor, room 217 (school's museum room).

All donated things and money will be gifted to the children of pre-school age with special needs from Zālīte Special Boarding-School to bring joy to their hearts during Christmas time.

Organisers of the event: Uldis Tomass Šimens and students of Riga Teika Secondary School.

On the concert day, the school's café will be open until 18:00.


Parents are welcome to donate gently used clothes and shoes of their children!

Children's shoes and clothing online shop SIA “Liberi” and playroom for children “Annels”, in close collaboration with the charity organisation “Palīdzē”, encourage parents to donate their children's gently used shoes and clothing to children in trouble. It will be possible to donate clothing from November 2015 till the end of January 2016 in Annels playgrounds in the major shopping centres in Riga: Alfa, Mols, Dole, Domina Shopping, Sky&More, and Spice.
“Children grow fast and, for some children, foot size can grow even up to three sizes a year. Knowing that there are many children in Latvia left without parental care or to whom their basic needs are not provided in a sufficient amount, especially in rural areas, we wish to help them in some way. Therefore, we encourage parents to participate in this wonderful campaign, because the clothing and shoes that have become too small for their children will fit perfectly to a child in trouble” says Vadims.

“The Week of Good Deeds 2015” has come to an end

“The Week of Good Deeds” has come to an end with a sense of a 'job well done', which was organised by the charity organisation “Palidzē” for the 7th year in a row. This year, 340 good deeds were done during “The Week of Good Deeds”. Help was provided to our fellow men and animals, as well as areas and memorial sites were cleaned up. Summarising the results, the organisers conclude that more than 12,200 Latvian citizens have participated in “The Week of Good Deeds”.

The impressive number of good deeds and the sincerity once more affirms how important it is to help other people, and the people of Latvia are good at it! The participants of “The Week of Good Deeds” have cleaned up many yards, parks, roadsides and memorial sites of Latvia as well as given their warm-heartedness to hundreds of people and furry friends. „Palīdzē” says a big thank you to all the participants for their work and encourages to continue doing good deeds after the end of the campaign.

Good deeds do not end with “The Week of Good Deeds” – they continue on a daily basis!
The good deeds can be viewed at:

See you on “The Week of Good Deeds 2016”!

The players of HC Dinamo Riga visited Piejūra Boarding School during the Week of Good Deeds

The school has consistently been the object of concern of Palīdzē, the social partner of Dinamo Riga, to help raise funds for children’s health improvement therapies and rehabilitation. The said school is attended by children with physical disabilities, however, despite this, the school is very sporty, mainly thanks to its headmaster Juris Skrastiņš.

This afternoon was also intense, as the hockey players took part in sports activities together with the children, and time passed by unnoticed. At the end, everyone had a chance to participate in a session of dog therapy that will be ensured to the children throughout the hockey season thanks to the donation of HC Dinamo Riga.

On February 9 –13, the Head of “Palīdzē” Ilze Skuja participates in the international training in Finland “Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations”

On February 9 –13, the Head of “Palīdzē” Ilze Skuja participates in the international training in Finland “Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations” to gain experience in organising international events for young people from less-favourable environment.

The training is organised within the framework of the programme “Erasmus+ Youth in Action”.