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January 2019

posted Feb 22, 2019, 10:07 AM by Inese Ratuta
Festive event for children from socially vulnerable groups “Let's Warm the Hearts”

On 3 January, the charity organization Palīdzē” in close cooperation with the fund “Be Open” organised a solemn event for children from socially vulnerable groups and their families from all around Latvia at the culture palace “Ziemeļblāzma”. The event gathered almost 200 children, and their families experienced various miracles and enjoyed a day full of pleasant surprises.

The event was opened by “Sand Cinema” magic light and sand story about winter, creating truly festive atmosphere. Inspired by the witnessed magic, children visited creative workshops. The day was made even brighter by the vocalist of the band “Carnelian” Signija Taraņenko and the musician Reinis Reķis with their musical performances. In his turn, Kaspars Brūvelis from the union of freelance artists' union “Pieaugušie bērni” surprised with his show of magic experiments. These performances were followed by plays and songs together with fairy tale characters from “Jogitas pasākumi” and, of course, also Santa Claus and gifts were not forgotten! Throughout the entire event the cheerful photo stand “Birdie” was available, where everyone had a chance to become some funny character and replenish own photo album with great photos. This event is one of the most awaited activities of the year, it is a celebration not only for children, but also for their parents.


We participate IN AndeleMandele Grand

To be able to continue implementation of charity projects, we participate in AndeleMandele Grand, where everyone will have an opportunity to acquire clothing, footwear and accessories of publicly known persons for donations.

One of the tasks during NuKo Women Rally will be to visit Palīdzē centre

One of the tasks during NuKo Women Rally will be to visit Palīdzē centre and please the young girls with some valuable donation, also solving various ingenuity tasks related to Palīdzē The aim of this initiative is to educate young girls from socially vulnerable groups, who have limited possibilities to find out information, which is topical for young women.


We ARE GOING ON a business trip to Tartu Art School

We visit Tartu Art School to jointly plan and implement a project for youth from the social risk group.