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January–March News

posted Apr 11, 2017, 3:54 AM by Renāte Robežniece
  “Palīdzē” On-line Charity Store is Now Open

Charity organization “Palīdzē” actively supports social improvements and creative expressions, and now it is also engaged in social entrepreneurship.

For several years, we have been making souvenirs together with the target-group children and young people, as well as their parents, at summer camps and creative workshops. These souvenirs are then sold at charity fairs for donations. As of last year, in cooperation with “Happy Ulula”, young women with disabilities and mothers, who have babies with health problems, are crocheting special bonnets. Moms also knit warm socks, a young girl in a wheelchair makes jewellery, we paint dishes together, children make greeting cards, we make soap and candles, young people paint on stones, students of specialised boarding schools who are learning the trade of a carpenter make wooden spatulas, placemats and other goods, while young people from a social care centre in Zemgale collect herbal teas in summer.

To provide the general public with a possibility to buy goods with added value, “Palīdzē” on-line charity store was opened in co-operation with Latvian software company Mozello.

Marvellous paintings of Mareks Odumiņš are also available in the store. Mareks is completely paralysed and is able to move only his facial muscles. He is positive, joyful, full of optimism and faith that everything will be alright – he just has to want it and be determined. Mareks not only thinks positively, but also takes action – he paints, holding the brush in his mouth.

Most responsive Latvian photographers also take part in the project, donating their digital photographs for charitable purposes. By purchasing them, you will get beautiful photos, which can be used to create canvases, photo wallpapers or advertising materials.

All funds from the charity store project will be invested in current charity projects of “Palīdzē”.

Please visit “Palīdzē” charity store and support charitable activities!




Together with our friends from World Ventures Foundation and young people from Palīdzē, we are going to Skulte Manor in order to spend the day full of fun and meaningful discussions and good deeds.

Together with our friends from World Ventures Foundation and young people from Palīdzē, we are going to Skulte Manor in order to spend the day full of fun and meaningful discussions and good deeds.




Winter Activities of Palīdzē Youth Club
We plan various educative, creative and sports activities for the members of Palīdzē Youth Club on a regular basis.

When the hills of Latvia were covered in snow, we went to Riekstukalns together with employees of SEB Latvia to enjoy winter. Is there anything better than a great day when you see happiness in young people’s eyes, their rosy cheeks and a desire to rush downhill again and again? For most of the young people this was their first time skiing, but thanks to the friendly mood and support of employees of SEB Latvia, even those who were afraid of heights at the beginning, were soon able to go down even the highest hill.

When having a break from the activities with a lunch at “Riekstu Krogs”, employees of SEB Latvia encouraged young people to apply for UWC Latvia grants for studying abroad. We are truly happy for and proud of our Miks, who was granted the opportunity to travel to Italy in August despite of the fierce competition to spend the two last years of his secondary school studies abroad. At the same time, Mārīte will visit an international camp in summer, where she will have an opportunity to meet as inquisitive, erudite and active young people as herself.

In February, together with young people from different regions of Latvia, we went on an informative adventure around the Old Town of Riga to learn new things about its history and culture. Thanks to Biedriba CitaRiga and fantastic storyteller Inese, young people had the opportunity to participate in an interactive urban tour, to see Old Town from a different point of view, learning a lot of interesting facts that cannot be found in history books. Tasks of the tour brought us across the Akmens tilts to the National Library of Latvia, where young people learned about the library building, the services offered there, its history and cultural heritage.

As usual, we encourage young people to visit cultural events. During winter, we visited a performance of improvisational theatre Spiediens that gave us positive emotions and new experience. With the support of Daile Theater, we enjoyed the excellent performance of “Peldošie - ceļojošie. II daļa” with the organization’s young people during school holidays.

We also organized an active and creative day during the spring holiday:  we visited the Latvian National Museum of Art, where we improved our knowledge in art history listening to the stories of our lovely guide Elza.  To integrate the new members of the club, we continued the afternoon with active games organized by volunteers Madara and Monta. At the end of the day, we had a creative and funny class by Juris Kozlovskis from Spiediens who inspires creativity in young people, promotes their self-confidence and the ability to find a way out of any situation.




Youth Club's New Year's Party


At the beginning of January, while still in the holiday mood, we met with the members of Palīdzē Youth Club to look back to at the progress made last year and the things we enjoyed together and to put forward this year’s plans and objectives.
We have done so much together – acquired a wide range of skills both in master classes and personal trainers’ classes and had fun and enjoyed being together in the annual camp and events.
We are very proud of the young girls who submitted and implemented the Youth Initiative project by organising classes for people of Teika social care centre. Although the girls faced many difficulties during the project, we are happy for their perseverance and desire to continue what they started by submitting and implementing other projects in the future.
We have to thank the young people who helped to organize various activities throughout the year by volunteering at camps and activities organized by Palīdzē
Last year, several members of the Youth Club went on experience exchange trips to Italy and Cyprus to gain experience, get inspired and find new friends. One of our young people even went volunteering to Spain for a year.
After discussing the last year and receiving gifts, we went to Arena Riga in order to get actively involved in voluntary work. After a job well done and Dinamo Riga game, we all got our skates on and got on ice to start a real ice dance.
The joy about the time we have spent together and the progress made in 2016 urges us to continue along this path and come up with new plans for this year.



“Palīdzē” Capacity-Building in Youth Work


From 20.11. 2016 to 13.01.2017, project ““Palīdzē” Capacity-Building in Youth Work” supported by Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department was implemented.

Within the framework of the project, four volunteering promotion measures (planning, attraction of new volunteers, training, assessment, setting further targets) and four social inclusion measures aimed at children and young people from socially vulnerable groups, as well as six measures for using theoretical knowledge in practice – participation in charity fairs – involving the staff of the organisation and young volunteers from Riga, providing them with job training opportunities, were implemented.

To ensure high-quality youth volunteer work, the project included intensive two-day training programme “Good Deeds Unite!” (Labie darbi vieno!), during which the young volunteers were introduced to the activities of the organization and project objectives, trained for the specific work with children and young people from socially vulnerable groups, including people with functional and mental development problems, and team-building activities were introduced, using non-formal education methods to improve cooperation. In order to assess the results achieved, evaluation and follow-up activity strategic planning event was organized at the end of the project for all volunteers and organization’s staff.

As a result of the project, organization found 15 new volunteers. The young people from Riga were involved in voluntary work, trained for work with children and young people from socially vulnerable groups and motivated for further action. At the same time, children and young people from socially vulnerable groups became aware of themselves as an equal part of society, thus the positive experience will be transferred to the other target groups of young people, who could take part in similar events of the organization in the future.

A project is planned, within the framework of which developmental lessons for children with disabilities will be ensured, therefore the experience gained from volunteer training and practical work will be very valuable and helpful, and it will be possible to transfer this experience to the participants of this project.



LASAP Awards Four Golden Buttons 2016 for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Communication

On Thursday, 23 February 2017, annual awards of Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals (LASAP) – Golden Button 2016, created to promote transfer of good practices among public relations professionals – were given for the seventh time. After evaluating nominated professionals of the field in each of the four nominations: academia, public sector, non-governmental sector and business, the best ones were awarded: Edīte Olupe, Aleksis Jarockis, Ilze Skuja and Guna Zučika.