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posted Jan 10, 2017, 3:25 AM by Renāte Robežniece

We carried out the social project Creativity Unites! (Radošums vieno!) in Bauska County for several months, during which children/youth and their families from socially vulnerable groups in Bauska learned new skills, abilities, creative ideas and improved their knowledge, collaborated, made new friendships with each other and with us!


We started this project in the beginning of September with fun and active games to become acquainted with each other and friendly activities to encourage collaboration.

Next time we met, we tried the art of improvisational theatre with the improviser Jānis Kozlovskis by thinking outside the box and leaving our comfort zones.

To find out more about a local enterprise, to broaden the view for the youth from the target group and encourage parents to look for job opportunities, we visited the local enterprise / production unit LLC (SIA) Gusto, where everyone could make a lip balm. In the meantime, the smaller children enjoyed creative activities with our wonderful volunteers Alise and Nikola.

To draw attention to the environmental pollution, we gave the second chance to different already used materials and objects and made interesting items, such as hair embellishments and bracelets. Little children used recycled materials to make colourful butterflies.

Both children and grownups were very excited about canistherapy, i.e., therapy which involves dogs. Also, local newspaper Bauskas Dzīve spent time with us. In the final event, everybody was sad that it was the last time of being together, but also happy about having the party.




December 2016


In creating and enjoying the most beautiful celebration of the year together, the pre-holiday visit to Gaujiena Children’s Home and Boarding-School with employees from the company Euro Live Technologies and volunteers from Palīdzē has become a lovely tradition. Gaujiena Children’s Home and Boarding-School is home for 112 children and youth with different health conditions, mental disorders and complications at home. Our visit is the only celebration event for many of them, and so we plan these visits especially carefully and include the opportunity of learning new skills and allow everyone give a performance to show their talents and abilities.

During the event, we made the Christmas-tree decorations together in Ebru technique and painted and glued patterns on them and made caps from yarn. We drew on gingerbread with sweet sugar icing and created clay decors. Besides the master classes, the children could take part in making a greetings video as well, which was demonstrated in the end of the event as a surprise.

The singer Liene Šomase and songs performed by students of Liene Šomase Creative Studio for Children and Youth created a special Christmas atmosphere and encouraged children and friends from ELT to dance zealously.

During the entire event, DJ Kozy (Jānis Kozlovskis) took care of the mood of the party and played songs in the background as the children played volleyball with balloons presented by the company Reklāmas baloni and treated themselves with popcorn, sweets from Laima, fruits from Augļu serviss and pies and pastry from Mārtiņa beķereja.




28 December 2016

On the eve of 2016, we enjoyed the most awaited event of the year - we met with 200 children and their families from the whole Latvia, to whom we provided various kinds of support this year, and had a wonderful time together. At the event, many children had many happy moments, and these children were from social groups within our range of vision, i.e., from Teika Social Care House, and amongst the clients of the social services of Latvian cities and towns such as Riga, Jelgava, Bauska, Kuldīga societies, with whom we are collaborate on day-to-day basis.

During the day, both children and accompanying adults had the opportunity to learn different rules of physics, study the structure of body, get lost in glass labyrinth and experience many educational and interesting activities at the exhibition hall of the Science and Curiosity Centre ZINOO. A chemist educated the audience and involved them into the scientific show, where fire and ice were used for freezing, melting, inflating and exploding. Although their hearts shook from fear, children were very interested in the show and took part in the experiments actively.

After the educational activities children were surprised by the fun and active games with Snow-white, tiger and baby lion from LLC (SIA) Jogitas Pasākumi, but the lady-dwarf Patrīcija entertained the guests with songs that tempted everybody to dance.

Of course, Santa Claus was the most awaited guest of the day and children had prepared poems to earn their presents.

Just like all parties, there was feasting as well. We treated ourselves with pizzas from Vairāk Saules, tangerines from Augļu Serviss and sweets from Laima!




To encourage the society to do good for others and help itself, the charity organisation Palīdzē organised the Week of Good Deeds (Labo darbu nedēļa) from 17 to 23 October for the eight year already in Latvia, and during this week the entire society is welcome to take a look around and see who can be helped without making significant investments. More than 18,050 people from Latvia responded to the invitation of the campaign, and emigrated Latvians were addressed this year as well.

This year, 536 good deeds have been registered within the campaign, and the list of good deeds is extensive and diverse as the campaign participants took care of lonely and elderly people and animals, cleaned up the natural sites in Latvia and paid attention to the people around them and spent time together.

More good deeds can be done, if we do them together!





Buy electronic photographs by professional photographers and use them as you like – frame them or make canvas or wallpapers!

The charity organisation Palīdzē created new project in collaboration with the brightest Latvian photographers to encourage you to do a good deed and make a valuable acquisition. The website is offering you to buy the works by most responsive Latvian photographers and to acquire excellent photographs and do a good deed in the same time, because the entire sum of money from the project will be used for carrying out the most urgent charity projects.

A lot has been done during the nine years of existence of Palīdzē, but children, youth and their families struggling with the challenges of the fate, i.e., shortage of money, diseases and addictions of children and other problems at home, still need support.

We are welcoming you to participate in this photo project and buy some work from these outstanding photographers!



SUMMER CAMP hear, listen, speak! (Sadzirdi, klausies, runā!)

Summer 2016, Koknese

This summer organised the camp Hear, Listen, Speak! (Sadzirdi, klausies, runā!), and this was the third time of organising it for Latvian families with hearing-impaired children and youth after the initiative of Latvian Association for Support to the Hearing-Impaired and with support from ABLV Charitable Foundation. At the camp in Bormaņi, families with hearing-impaired children enjoyed the last warm days of summer and did and learned SO MUCH again to expand their vision of life and to see the surrounding opportunities of enjoying their lives.

We are grateful to Latvian Association for Support to the Hearing-Impaired and ABLV Charitable Foundation for their collaboration and trust.