At the moment we are six people in our foundation that are taking care of the development of the project " PALIDZESIM.LV (LET'S HELP).  Five persons at the moment are doing this work on a full time basis, hoping that this project will develop and will bring the advantage for children. Most of the work is done on a self initiative principle, a part is covered by a private capital. But by developing the project, we have intended to separate strictly what we think is to be a supporter and what to be a contributor.

Our understanding is that the supporters are those who support the project so that it is viable, so that the range of the activities become wider, inviting more people in our team so that we can help more children. We are planning that people for this hard work should get an appropriate salary and in order to be able to do this work only for a definite goal, people should get a right enough remuneration.


So all the expenses which are related to the existence of the project are covered by our supporters. If some savings will accumulate from the resources given by our supporters, then we will switch it to the fund PALIDZESIM.LV.  And we genuinely hope that such saving will accumulate so that we can use our savings for the support of children.


The contributors are all those good people who are concerned about the fate of those people, especially children, who are facing difficulties and who are devoting their household objects, money or simply their free time, the same way as our photo artists are doing it in order to make these stories about the children, in this way by addressing other contributors. Our contributors are also the participants of this project and the evaluators whom we devote our work, time and emotions to. Many thanks to everybody!

If you think that we are doing our work with the right purpose and performance, which is addressing you and you would like to become our supporter or contributor, then we will feel honored if you could send your introduction letter to the author of the idea of this project and supervisor Mr. Ēriks Meinarts by e-mail [email protected]

P.S.  We would like to explain that our ideological conviction is that we are and will stay as an independent organization with the goal to help the children who have faced the difficulties, by making the photo stories about them in this way addressing to the contributors. We will be glad to see among our supporters organizations working in the same industry because we are strictly against any kind of monopolistic commitments with the purpose to help children.

P.S.S. Huge thanks to our already existent supporters, who supported our project in its formation phase and believed in our idea and the way how to help the children who have faced difficulties.

The personal thanks to: Jānis Kols, Mārtiņš Čakste, Jānis Mozgis, Gints Dandzbergs, Marts Dandzbergs, Pauls Dandzbergs, Kristaps Bleija, Jānis Straupe, Aldis Gobzems!!

Yours faithfully, the director of the project,
Ilze Skuja

The author of the idea,

Ēriks Meinarts